Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Bridgette Update #11

As yesterday was auspicious, please enjoy a plethora of photos that document our excitement.

A little conversation with mom about going home.

Resting with daddy while we wait for discharge.

The last of the wires & tubes comes out - her PICC line.

Happy, hungry, and ready to get dressed in her own clothes for the first time.

This is the same outfit in which Kelly went home from the hospital 29 years ago. It's quite large on little Bri.

Bri's last hospital feeding.

So tiny!

First car ride... if you don't count the ambulance.

She seems to enjoy her carseat, as a whole.

Bridgette looking around at her newest environment.

Curiosity waning...

Car rides are hard work.

Welcome home, Bri!

Chewy & Piper really wanted to give the newest member of our family some friendly kisses.

What good dogs.

Family photo #1 - The Johnson Pack

Family photo #2.

Bri's first nap in her own crib.

The hospital tags finally get to come off.

As Bridgette's Aunt Lynn aptly noted in an email yesterday, "Tuesdays seem to be the day of the week for big happenings." She's right. Tuesday #1: birth. Tuesday #2: surgery. Tuesday #3: discharge from the hospital. We smiled for hours as we brought baby Bri to our home!

She's a good little girl, but mom & dad soon discovered that the clever care-taking we learned at the hospital is extremely difficult to do at home. Many tears were shed by all three of us as we were frustrated by one failed ostomy bag after another. We even had trouble with her irrigation which is supposedly simple. And of course, none of us slept. Well, Bri did. Occasionally.

We'll be calling the surgeon today because we're concerned that the trouble we experience may stem from a more serious issue... a herniated and slightly prolapsed stoma. If this IS the case, Bri is not finished with surgery. If not, then we simply need to find a better alternative to the ostomy bags we are using. They are evidently not created for infants. Jeff's been doing a bit of online research and has discovered that we are not the only ones with infant ostomy woes. It would seem no one with an infant ileostomy has found a superior solution.

While we figure all of this out, we appreciate that many of you would like to visit us. We hope you continue to feel this way! For the time being though, we need to work out personal schedules, medical needs, and take as many snatches of rest as we can manage. We'll make a post here when we're ready for you to meet our little girl!

Thanks for all your continued support. In many ways, we feel we need your prayers as much (or more) than ever.


Camille said...

I can't believe you were able to bring home Bri this soon!! Congratulations! She must be a strong girl!

I hope things start going better for you, lots better.

Make sure you let us as the ward know what we can do to assist you.

We love you guys!

Lisa Merkley said...

Good luck with all of the adjustments that come with parenthood. There will be many!

And take as much time as you need before you get visitors. Take care of yourselves first!