Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby Bridgette Update #4

... a bad night, but so far a great day!

Daddy kisses baby before he goes back to work to figure out how many more days he can get off.

Bri is awake and content after her first real feeding! What a gorgeous baby...

Today's news:

Bri's TPN line (the way they were trying to get nutrients and lipids into her little body) kept making her veins swell, despite the low flow-rate. So, last night they had to give her yet another I.V. She's had them in both arms, through her belly button, and now her feet. They even attempted at one point to put an I.V. in her head, but her head wasn't very receptive. Then they took away the nutrients and put her back on straight saline solution. She was in pain and super hungry and cried almost the whole night. Grandma Hoose stayed with her and took the hit. We're grateful for her patience and hope she gets some good sleep today.

We passed Grandma Hoose at the elevators on our way to the hospital this morning and got the update. Finding out about the set-backs started mom on an emotional note. Bridgette's lost quite a bit of weight already, so we were extremely disappointed she was back to hydration only. And of course, no parent wants to hear that their child cried all night long.

When we arrived at the hospital, it was just in time to meet Dr. Black, Bri's surgeon, for the first time. He did the biopsy, for which Jeff left the room. He's having a hard time watching his brand-new baby girl be put through so many painful situations. We should get the results by tomorrow afternoon. If she is positive for Hirschsprung's, her operation will occur tomorrow or Wednesday.

The good news is that when Dr. Black arrived, he gave permission for Bri to start breastfeeding! At 8:30 a.m., Bri ate the first meal of her 6 day life. Six days is a long time to go without food, but she was also brand new to breastfeeding, so the first few minutes were a little tough. She got the hang of it though and snacked off and on for about 15 minutes.

She has slept peacefully ever since EXCEPT when she had her first natural bowel movement! Who knew poop could be so beautiful? We don't know yet whether she really did it on her own or if it was because of the stimulation from the biopsy. Either way, she has been comfortable all morning with a full belly and an empty bowel. The next hurdle is to wait to see whether her stomach digests the milk or if she vomits again. If she gets hungry soon, we are guessing it has moved on through, and we'll try a second feeding. She will continue to get routine rectal irrigations, just to be sure her new sustenance doesn't get backed up and make her sick again.

On a cute/humorous note, despite her tiny size and her rough start in life, we've noticed that Bridgette's quite strong. She got a sponge bath last night (which she hated,) and she almost completely rolled over to get away from the nurse who was trying to wash her. And when Grampa watched her two nights ago, he wrote this in his log, "3:15-4:00 a.m. - I can too get out of this swaddling. Just watch me."


Heidi said...

Both of these pictures are adorable! Bri has beautiful eyes. I am so HAPPY to hear that today is going better! I'll keep my fingers crossed for another poopy diaper. :)

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to hold her again! Glad for the good news!

theJerm said...

What a TINY baby

Rosemary T said...

So glad to hear the good news! I'm praying for you!

Lisa Merkley said...

Congrats on the new baby girl, and congrats on the poop! Hang in there!

Ann-Marie said...

Hooray for poop and for eating! I'm so glad to hear the happy news and keep praying for more! Hope tonight is better than last night!

mg said...

Kelly - I just saw this! I hope everything goes well - that's good that there's some improvement! You and your parents are amazing. And Bridgette is a beautiful girl! I think with all this "adventure" she's going through- when she gets to her jungle room she'll totally fit in - the lioness. :) keep us posted! I'll pray for her too!

Amanda said...

Although it took you 6 days to be able to nurse her, you had more success than I had nursing Addi in her first few weeks. Congratulations! I hope she keeps eating and digesting it well. She has to, doesn't she know it's the best thing for her? Thanks for keeping us posted.