Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Bridgette Update #5

Well, it took over 12 hours, but Bri finally ate her second meal around 9 p.m. I was so worried that her first meal had made her sick again. She went back to her early habit of sleeping all day with no interest in anything else. But, a sponge bath in the evening (which she once again hated) apparently woke her appetite. Bridgette lost more weight again today, so I'm hoping she eats all through the night. Amazing how worrying that your child might die makes you so grateful for dirty diapers and 2 A.M. feedings.

As to diapers, there were no more poopy diapers today, but we did hear her pass gas a few times. She has been significantly bloated with gas this week which has been another major source of her pain. In her x-rays, you can see her intestines are completely distended with it. So, anything her body can expend on its own is a major step.

Because she has permission to feed, mom is taking her first "official" night watch. So far, baby and I have gotten some very quality snuggle time. By morning I assume that will be quantity snuggle time too.

In case her biopsy comes back positive, Bri's surgery was pre-scheduled for 2 P.M. Tuesday, so I was told I couldn't feed her after midnight tonight. Can you imagine not eating for 6 days, losing almost 1/7 your body weight, being given one meal, and then having feedings revoked again? This, of course, made me very sad. But one more lovely piece of news to share! Her surgery time has been moved to 4:15 P.M., so I get to feed her until 10 A.M.! Now I wait to see whether she will indeed reward us both with hunger pangs throughout the night. A mother can hope!


123 checkoutourfamily said...

We've been praying for ya'll. Thanks for all the updates.

Chelsea said...

Okay, we're praying our hardest. Give each other big hugs from the Weidmanns!

Camille Rogers said...

All the Young Women are praying for you, and having faith that little Bri will be ok.

We love you guys and hope and pray for little bri to thrive!

Rob said...

Just want you to know that we love you guys and are praying hard for little Bri to be alright!