Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby Bridgette Update #8

You can see Bri's ostomy bag here, with her stoma (a little piece of her small intestine) sticking out. She looks like she has a cast because they've wrapped her PICC line arm up to prevent it from being pulled or getting wet. She loves to be swaddled & held and really hates being unwrapped.

Mom and Bridgette try to catch some Z's.

Three generations. Bridgette's birth completes a 5 generational direct living chain as she also has a great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother (93 years old) on my mom's side. They live in Ohio.

For those of you have been checking, sorry to keep you waiting on this entry. We are, understatedly, busy.

Bri is steadily improving. Last night during Jeff's shift (for which Bri stayed awake all night) they were able to remove her nose tube. She is still getting lipids and TPN through her PICC line, although she is almost off her pain medication. She scrunches up her little face when she's hurting.

The good news for today is that Bridgette seems to continue to recover faster than expected. She will get her first, post-surgery meal tonight: 5 cc's of breastmilk from a bottle. She'll continue to get 5 cc's every 3 hours if she does not vomit. If all goes well, they'll up her intake tomorrow.

She may also get to come home earlier than expected. We take things a day at a time, sometimes minute by minute, but now the doctor is saying perhaps 1 to 3 weeks before her return home.

My dad, Grampa Hoose, left for Texas today to go back to work. We really appreciate all he's done to help us - finding us a place to stay, meals, Priesthood blessings, staying with Bridgette at the hospital, and emotional support.

Grandma seems very strong, considering how many hours she's spending at the hospital. Dad, Jeffrey, is extremely resolved to do whatever is needed to take care of Bridgette. Mom is the only one who seems to be waffling at the moment. I have hit what I call my personal "panic wall." After watching Bri's first ostomy dressing change last night, I realized just what we're going to go through over the next year. I've been quite unable to sleep or eat recently, the little sleep I get is riddled wih nightmares, and I'm afraid my emotional and physical states are catching up. Add to that postpartum recovery, and I can only say that I have felt overwhelmed the last few days. Hopefully Bri and her other caregivers will be patient with me.


Chelsea said...

Of course Bri will be patient--she loves you "as is". And waffle all you want; there are plenty of us to prop you up when needed. I'm so glad you posted the "angry Bri" picture. Babies who are strong enough to be angry make me hopeful.

Amanda said...

Having a baby without any complications will give you the feelings you are having, so I can't imagine how those feelings are heightened by your situation.

I know the last thing you are thinking about is what you and your body are doing, but you really need to take care of yourself. You've been through a lot. Try to eat and rest as much as you can so that you'll be in better spirits and better able to care for her.

I love you! We're still praying for you.