Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Bridgette Update #9

Bri's ostomy bag gets changed again. Here you can see the purple knob sticking out from her side. That is her stoma, a piece of her little intestine. This squirts out the poop that the bag is supposed to catch, but so far, all of her bags have been leaky.

Bri enjoying her first post-surgery meal.

Daddy feeding Bri 10 cc's of breastmilk. I love this photo. They're both so cute.

Well, I'm writing this from the hotel while daddy watches Bri all day. I am feeling much better than last night, but I'm spending the day resting & recovering before going back to the hospital.

Grandma reports that Bridgette really enjoyed her first bottle with that tiny bit of milk. She guzzled it down and fell right asleep. Feedings continued through the night and by morning, Bri realized what a small amount 5 cc's really is, so she got a bit cranky when there wasn't more. This morning Jeff got to feed her 10 cc's, and (oh we hope hope hope) if she doesn't get sick, that amount will continue to increase.


emsrich said...

Yea!! I'm so glad I got the update before I log off the internet for the weekend. I love you guys and am praying for you all.

Lisa Merkley said...

Yay for Bri! What a trooper...all three of you! Hope the weekend brings even greater news!

Paul said...

All three of you continue to be in our prayers! Consider yourself hugged by both of us!

Paul and Brenda

Chelsea said...

10 cc's! That's wonderful news. She's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Ann-Marie said...

I love the photo with Bri and her dad as well! We're praying for you and thinking of you! You're all fighters and amazing examples to us all! Wonderful news about Bri being able to eat a little more!

I put your names on the prayer roll today.

Ronda2309 said...

Just got home from our trip, glad to see that you had your baby she is beautiful. We are happy to see she is doing better. We added your names to the Nauvoo Temple's prayer list. Please give me a call when you get home and don't hesitate to call for help.

Our prayers are with you,
Ronda T.

Kristin said...

Kelly and Jeff--
I just updated myself on Bri since I've been away at girls camp. So sorry to hear of the results, but so glad she seems to be recovering and progressing now! I am off to Africa on Monday, but you all will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers while I'm gone. Chin up--she is beautiful and perfect in all the most important ways!

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

Baby Bridgette is beautiful. Sending love and prayers your way.
Katie, Jayme, and Lucas