Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bag & Blessing

Bri, on her dressing table, getting ready for an ostomy bag check. Seems like everytime she has been laid on her back during her lifetime, she has experienced pain. Only in the last few days has she begun to remain calm when we prepare for diaper/bag changes. We're so proud of her.

Checking out the blinking light on the camera. Bri seems exceptionally interested in life and the sights and sounds it offers. She began seeking out specific noises during week one. She would look at her hospital monitors when they would beep.

Just hanging out!

We have our first bag success! We hope it's not a fluke! By using a combination of products from different companies (which would no doubt be disappointed if they knew we were mixing and matching their products) we finally got one bag to stay on for over 24 hours! This is the first time in almost a month.

Can you believe Bri will be a month old next Tuesday? And still smaller than when she was born...

The wafer that is attached to her skin (to which the bag is then attached) is starting to peel off now, but for some reason it hasn't leaked yet. I'm sure we'll have to change it out soon, but having the bag work for one full day has made life seem doable. Since bag changes take 1-2 hours apiece, this is the first day we’ve been able to change her diaper and empty her bag in the few minutes that a regular diaper change takes, instead of laboring nearly a third of a day over those miserable bags. With the bag working as it should, we just whip off the wet diaper then suction out the bag with a syringe - practically like normal people!

Bridgette is also moving towards a three hour feeding schedule, eating more at each feeding. This simplifies life too. She hasn't yet mastered the differences between night/day, so we are often holding and entertaining her during the wee hours. But at least this is just a typical baby activity and represents an adjustment to parenting that is not abnormal.

As to Bri's baby blessing -

Jeff will bless her at our 9 a.m. meeting, and as mentioned in an earlier post, anyone interested in attending is welcome! Our church is the Lindon Central Stake Center located at 56 E. 600 N. in Lindon. We intend to leave the meeting directly following the blessing.

If you would like to join us, drive to Lindon on State St., turn east on 400 N. or 800 N. then turn again on Locust Ave. This is our street. Then just find 600 N. and turn east again. This is the street on which you'll find our church building.

We are considering hosting a picnic in our backyard that evening for anyone who would like to visit. If we do have a picnic (and we'll let you know soon), it would be a "bring-your-own-picnic-food-and-chairs-or-blankets" kind of affair.


Ryan said...

She is a way cute girl! I'm glad to hear that some things are getting easier. Congratulations.

Amanda said...

Yeah, a full day without changing a bag. Isn't it funny the things we get excited about?

So I have to ask this question, because I know I'm not the only one wondering. How are you pronouncing her nickname, Bri? In her name it's a short vowel i sound, but that sounds wierd in a nickname, so I'm assuming it's the long vowel e sound, like the cheese. But I also know a girl whose nickname is Bri with the long vowel i sound, so I get all confused when I read your blogs. I'm pronouncing it one way in my head, but reading it a different way. It's madness. Could you please clarify so that it doesn't take me quite so long to read your posts? I know, I'm a dingbat. I can't help it.

Can't wait to see the baby on Sunday, oh and you two.

Kel said...

Alright... long awaited name clarifications.

"Bridgette" rhymes with "midget," instead of any sort of French pronunciation. And although the name looks like it is spelled in the French fashion, it is actually Irish Gaelic. We hope she got her daddy's genes and grows tall to avoid unimaginative teasing.

"Bri" is indeed pronounced like the cheese.

I know the long/short vowel i's don't match, but since it's a nickname, we don't care. She gets two really cool names in one!

Ann-Marie said...

I am so glad that baby Bri and Mom and Dad are doing so well! What wonderful news about her ostomy bag! Yeah! She really is amazing to improve so much in so short a time frame! I'm sure to her family it seems like a long time, but she is incredible! We are so excited to meet her Sunday!

Ann-Marie said...

I agree with Kelly about the names! Bri is a lucky gal to have such a cool name!

Chelsea said...

Congrats! That is great news--I'm so happy you're approaching normal. Sadly, I don't think we're going to be able to make the festivities on Sunday. I'm really very sad about that, but I'd drive myself crazy if we tried to make it. We'll have to get together when you are ready and do fun mommy things!

Kelly said...

We are so glad diaper changes are better and the bag is finally working. Does that mean her sore skin is starting to clear up? We sure hope so. The boys love to look at the pictures. They say she is beautiful!!