Monday, July 28, 2008

Home... again.

"Kangaroo Care" - This is Bri's favorite way to snuggle.

Practicing martial arts? Artemis's newest archer?

The baby's perspective. Bri loves this swing that Sarah let us borrow. And anything that Bri loves this much, mommy loves too.

After round two and three more days at the hospital, Bri came home again tonight with much less fanfare than last time. Her skin has already started to heal up, and we have found a new ostomy bag that we hope lasts for longer periods than her old ones.

We learned from the surgeon that one reason ileostomy protection is so important is the amount of stomach acid and pancreatic juice that is excreted with her stool. Having acid and bile sitting directly on her skin eats away at it with much more gusto than what causes normal diaper rash.

Bridgette has yet to put on any weight and currently weighs approximately 12 oz less than when she was born. The surgeon has also told us she will likely deal with malnutrition issues her whole life. Bri is doing her best to buck this suggestion by eating every 2 hours at a minimum... and sometimes every 15 minutes. While this is difficult for mom, we certainly prefer it to her prior inability to eat anything. We're praying she puts a little fat around those tiny bones of hers as quickly as possible.

Kelly is about to pass out from exhaustion. She also finally got herself to an IHC Instacare doctor down in Lindon yesterday and was diagnosed with a UTI that has infected her kidneys. Treatment has begun, and we hope it clears up quickly.

Jeff got a little break today then came back to SLC to drive his family home.

As a sidenote, we are planning to do Bridgette's baby blessing this Sunday, August 3rd, at 9 a.m. We invite and welcome anyone who wants to attend, and we'll give directions to our church in a subsequent post. Jeff and I plan to take her home once the blessing is complete, but we would be happy to chat with anyone (reverently, quietly) prior to sacrament meeting.


Marcene Perry said...

That's great that she is back home again! Let me know if you ever need anything, even if it is just someone to talk to!

Jennie said...

We are so happy to hear about every little improvement. She is so adorable and you are doing such a great job!!! I'm so gald she's back home again. Just remember that the Bruces are only a few doors down and are willing to help with anything. :)

Mary Liechty said...

I'd love to come over and watch the baby while you get some rest or help clean or do other jobs. Can I bring dinner or something?? Please let me know.

I'm sorry about the UTI. Those are no fun. I'm sure the antibiotics will work quickly but drinking lots of cranberry juice can help too.

Love you guys,

Lisa Merkley said...

Make sure you take care of yourself, too! Let someone come over so you can sleep or something! Wish I was closer and could help out. :)