Thursday, July 24, 2008

Settling In

We have now been home from the hospital for a few days. Baby is doing OK. We have switched from ostomy bags to using cloth diapers and pads. Hopefully the switch will help lesson the annoyance of changing a bag every six hours. Baby is a little dehydrated so we are giving her a special baby solution with lots of water and electrolytes. Her little intestine is also sticking out a tiny bit more than normal. We hope she does not have to go back to the hospital.

Many have asked what you can do to help our family and we sure do appreciate your offers. Thank you for the meals and kinds words. We will definitely post on the blog or contact you specifically if we think of some things that would really help us out.

In the meantime your prayers and support are continually appreciated.

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Ann-Marie said...

I just love the photos! She is so beautiful... and tiny! Thanks so much for keeping us posted! We're praying that everyone gets settled in well! I'm glad you know we'd love to help out in any way possible and yet we totally understand your need to just "be" and get everyone and everything situated. "Togetherness is happiness." And I'm glad you can all be together (including the pups!) We'll keep sending the prayers!