Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby Bridgette Update #1

Bridgette has a blood infection with gram B negative bacteria. She is on antibiotics, and the doctors believe she will be free of the bacteria in a few days. Unfortunately, some of the tests that need to be done have to wait for the infection to be removed. In the meantime, she is resting in her crib and being a good baby.

A couple of possibilities exist for her condition:

- Hirschsprung's disease
A google search will give you what you need, but the gist of this disease is that a disorder of her colon is preventing bowel movements, preventing the release of anything that enters her bowels.

- Meconium plug
Some babies have this and it's possible her intestines were clogged up, causing her colon not to work at first.

- Infection
There is a small chance that she got an infection that is causing her to have a hard time.

- Meconium Ileus

- Something else...

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