Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blessing Day

Thanks to everyone who attended or participated in Bri's blessing and related festivities. It was a fine day.

Today was the first time Bri was introduced to the public. She was the perfect baby and slept through her blessing. Giving her a bottle just previously seemed to help.

Bridgette's blessing dress was worn 53 years ago by Grandma Hoose when she was christened at Bosworth Road Presbyterian Church in Ohio. The baby blanket was purchased many years ago in Bethlehem by a friend for Kelly's first baby.

Grampa Hoose with Bridgette. The ribbon on her wrist is securing a bracelet made for Bri by our good friends in Wisconsin. The bracelet slipped off without it since her arms are still so tiny.

Grandma Hoose dressed Bri this morning, paying close attention to details. Bri's almost always quite satisfied to sit in Grandma's lap.

Grandma Johnson enjoyed a bonding moment this evening in the great outdoors with her newest grandchild.

Aunt Brenda loves to cuddle babies. Bri felt very secure in her arms and fell right to sleep.

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Lisa Merkley said...

I'm glad it was such a great day for you guys. You deserve at least one lately!!