Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lucky Seven

This week, the seventh week of Bridgette's life, Grandma Hoose tipped me on a Facebook support group for families who have kids with Hirschsprung's Disease. I read entry after entry by parents whose kids couldn't gain weight. It reminded me how lucky we are that Bri continues to become a regular little chubster. Today she topped at 10 lbs 12 oz. She definitely feels that heavy when she falls asleep in my arms.

(A friend saw Bri this week and mentioned that she is much smaller than she expected given all the weight-gain discussion on the blog and the close-ups I typically post. So, here is Bri compared to her bear, a bear that was introduced to her during her second week at the hospital when she wasn't allowed to eat and was losing weight every day. You can see that Bridgette is still a tiny baby, just a... bigger... tiny baby.)

Speaking of sleeping, Bridgette is sleeping through the night after only 6 1/2 weeks! The timing couldn't be better considering school starts for me on Tuesday.*

Bri had a busier week than normal and has started to see the world. She attended lunch at New York Burrito where she was mostly fascinated by the ceiling. She went to a piano concert Friday and listened intently to 2 hours of music. She then hung out at a family birthday party on Saturday and "met" most of her cousins (some of whom are pictured below.) On Monday she helped deliver thank you notes for the meals people brought us when we finally made it home. On Tuesday she traveled with me to BYU to clean out my MPH desk in preparation for moving to the second-year lab.**

Today we are staying home and trying to line up her eating/sleeping schedule with my class schedule.***

Aunt Davina

Grandpa Johnson

Grandma Johnson

Cousin Ellie and Her Famous Shoe Crawling

Cousin Matthew

Cousins Lili & Samantha

Bridgette with Cousin Tyler - Friends Already!

I'm excited to report that Bri has also started babbling. She strikes me as an observant soul, judging by her piercing gaze and ability to listen carefully to voices and music. However, until this week she showed no interest in vocalizing herself, besides an occasional cry. On Sunday she sat in her swing and said, "Aaaah," and "Ooooh," and "Aeii" for about an hour, intermittently interspersed with sighs. She's been gracing our ears with similar sounds since.

Lastly, although it's not too hard to get Bri to smile for the camera (she likes the camera... it sparkles...) I've realized that we have not accurately represented her various moods. For the record, she spends about 90% of her time asleep and playing calmly. The other 10% is split between really happy (1%) and really mad (9%). Her really mad cry sounds like a slow machine gun, "A-kak-a-kak-a-kak-a-kak!" Strangely, even this has its charm.



**Yeah. She cried the whole time.

***Please see prior two endnotes.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, Kelly, I love the last picture of Bri! I can see the little baby legs beginning to become chubby. What a welcome sight.

Love you,

GFMouse said...

she is beautiful! I came across your blog via google alerts. My son also has Hirschsprung's Disease. My blog is full of resources if you are interested. Visit myspecialone blog to read about our journey with HD and life!
(Tyler's mom- SSHD age 5)

Kelly said...

The picture of Tyler and Bri brought tears to my eys. I remember when he was so small and how excited we were as he put on weight. Bridgette looks beautiful. I can't belive how fast she is growing and all she is accomplishing. We attribute that to good parenting!

Tiffany W. said...

Wow! You all have been through a lot. I can not even imagine. I am so glad you all seem to be doing well. I will keep you and little Bridgette in my prayers. Take care.

HeatherH said...

I just got your baby announcement and read your entire blog! While I was super, super excited to learn you were able to become parents, I was heartbroken to read about all you've been through. It sounds like Bri is a fighter and strong baby girl. She is so beautiful - what a gift from God. We love you!!

Heather & Troy Hellwig

Jane said...

Kelly & Jeff,
What a little precious gift you have been given. She is so beautiful. I'm so excited for you. Thanks so much for sharing her story with us. It is sort of a reminder of our own experiences. We lost a little grandson, Kaden, in February. He was a week old. We were warned about it, but still it was hard. We felt the strength of God with us as we went through the amazing experience. It's true what you appreciate when your little ones are struggling for life. It's also true for us that we became closer to our Heavenly Father through it all. How did Jesus suffer? I can't imagine. His tender mercies abounded with us. That's what happens when we have hard times. God compensates with equal tender mercies. May he continue to bless and strengthen you all in your journey ahead.


Amanda said...

Wow, over 10 pounds. Less than 6 pounds to go and she's caught up with Addi.

So you're starting school on Tuesday, huh? Are you taking Bri with you?

You're lucky to have only 9% of her time spent being really mad. It seems like Sammy is still like that 30% of the time.

Danielle said...

Way to go on the weight gain. That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I like the new information on the side bar - especially Piper's favorite food - what, has she changed her mind about the ostomy bags?

Love you,

Kel said...

We considered writing ostomy bags, however, her delight in them was short lived. This is mostly because Piper no longer has access to ostomy bags. Whereas, she seems to have continual access to kleenex... somehow. It's a long-running tradition.

Anonymous said...

Your sidebar information seems to change with the wind. However, I find each new iteration amusing. Thanks for providing such entertaining diversion.


Megan said...

Wow! She is precious! Im Deacon's mom, you commented on my blog. I would love to follow your journey and read how well shes doing! If you ever have any thoughts or questions, feel free to ask me or tell me what you have learnt! Im open for ANY info!

Looking forward to getting to know you better!