Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Four Weeks Old Today

Happiness #1 - At last weighing, Bri was a few ounces over her birth weight. Go baby!

Bri is zonkered on top of the scale in this photo. She liked the very soft blanket under her.

Happiness #2 - When we found the sample wafer that adheres best to Bri's skin and allowed us an almost 48-hour no-bag-change stint, we unfortunately only had one such wafer. We ordered more, and they arrived yesterday! We put one on Bridgette last night and have begun the countdown.

Other News - Although we haven't quite got a routine schedule yet, we are adapting to a new routine. Every family member has a role.

~Bri is the cute, helpless baby who tells us what she needs and when she needs it.

~Jeff is the good man who works during the day to provide money and insurance. At night he turns into the superhero who empties Bridgette's bag and changes her nappy three to four times every night (approximately 11 p.m., 2 a.m., & 5 a.m. - give or take an hour or two), brings her to Kelly for feedings, then woos her to sleep again when feedings are complete.

~Kelly, as fate would have it, participates in every feeding... often for hours at a time. She moonlights as mommy during the day and thus does everything else from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

~Chewy is the shepherding dog who sniffs things, guards things, frenetically greets all visitors and is generally alert. If I haven't heard her, he lets me know when the baby is crying.

~Piper is the silly dog who enthusiastically barks at all visitors and eats poopy ostomy bags out of the trash in her spare time. We didn't know how strong her attraction to poopy ostomy bags was, really, until she vomited one outside yesterday. Very gross, but we still love her.

Mom & Bridgette make faces at each other. They're both hanging out in their new PJ's. They do that a lot these days.

In other news, my parents left yesterday, to the sadness of all. Jeff and I were able to adequately handle the last 19 hours without them, but you'll notice I know how many hours they've been gone. I'm extremely grateful they were here to help us adjust to our new responsibilities and to spend time with their special new granddaughter. In their absence, I'm sure I'll be calling out for help to Jeff's nearby family members and our neighbors a lot more.

A Grandma's-eye-view of Grampa Hoose and Bridgette taking a snooze to the dulcet tones of Beethoven's 5th Symphony.


Tammy and Alvin said...

She is just so beautiful! I love how bright-eyed and interested she looks in those awake pictures. I'm thrilled about happiness #1 and #2. Unlike Thing #1 and #2, we always welcome numbered happinesses into our homes!

Lisa Merkley said...

Hooray for weight gain! Too bad we can't all say that...

Ann-Marie said...

She is as cute as can be! I'm glad everyone has their roles and are happy! Go Johnson's!

Chelsea said...

Remember, we're close by now. Although I understand you may call on people without kids for help until Bri's immune system is stronger. And yay for the weight gain!

Chelsea said...

Hey, what pediatrician are you using? Would you recommend him/her for my kids?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the addition of your beautiful daughter to the family. May the Lord's tender mercies, guidance and strength always be smiling on you 3, well 5 when you count the grandparents:)The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent her to you.