Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weighing-in at 5 weeks...

Because of Bri's early weight gain problems and potential malnutrition issues, Grandma Hoose bought us a baby scale while she was here. I weighed Bridgette yesterday and figured it was a fluke. But, Jeff weighed her again this morning before she ate and after a diaper/bag change, and the surprising results were confirmed.

Baby is 9 lbs. 1 oz.! That means she has gained a pound in the last 4 1/2 days!

We assume her growth rate will slow down at some point, but we don't mind this spurt of chub one bit. Of course, she's still small, but she's big compared to herself two weeks ago.

Bri is getting progressively more attuned to her surroundings as well as more familiar with the differences between night and day. A typical night now has her sleeping 3-5 hours between feedings. When bedtime begins and ends is less predictable.

During daylight we enjoy the following activities: reading, eating, singing, eating, crying, eating, dancing, sleeping, sitting outside under the globe willow, eating, and eating. Recently she's been experiencing some Tummy Time too. I write "experiencing" because I'm not sure "enjoying" is the correct word yet.

~Tummy Time~

She's decent at lifting her head and legs for one so young. She can turn her head right and left while lying down and can push her toes into the ground and lift her bum.


Lisa Merkley said...

So cute! She does look fatter! And I hope that her growth spurts don't stop until she's 2 or 3!

Danielle said...

I have been blog stalking you ever since your mom told me about your daughter. I guess it is time I comment. She is adorable! I am so happy she is gaining weight for you guys. I am sure that is a relief!

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. You have a wonderful mom and I am so glad she is my visiting teacher!

Ann-Marie said...

Yeah for Bri and family! (That has a nice ring to it!) I'm glad she's eating and hence, you are all doing well!

Jennifer said...

Kelly and Jeff,
I found out a few weeks ago from my mom about all your family has been through. And, I just found a link to your blog through the Eric Blakes blog. It certainly is different in reading over a month's worth of news all at one sitting!! But, I'm so happy for you guys that Bri is doing so wonderfully now considering all she has been through. Best of luck in the future with all the needed care and attention. Take care of yourselves as well!!

Jennifer Blake