Monday, September 29, 2008

84 Days Makes a Dozen

12 weeks of a new life gone by!

Bri was pretty much sick all week with a cold. She slept poorly and wanted to be held all the time. This was tiring since she is now quite close to 14 lbs. We just hope her length continues to keep up with her girth!

Someone called Bridgette a "him" for the first time last Tuesday. I wasn't bothered, but I was surprised because this was the outfit she was wearing:

If this isn't girly, I'm not sure what is.

Bridgette has developed two new talents this week: 1) she can fully kick her own socks off, no matter how much elastic is gathered 'round her ankles, and 2) she can do sit-ups. The latter quite surprised me. She was lying on her back on my tummy while we watched a movie when she decided to sit up... repeatedly. I guess she couldn't see the TV well enough and moved herself to get a better view. We worried she might have a weak abdomen since her stomach muscles were cut clean-through during surgery. Guess not!

Bri asleep with a "Papa Blanket"... otherwise known as a burp cloth.

Thanks to the help of Jeff's twin and his wife, we were able to go on a date. (IHOP -- we eat there once every two years, when we are again reminded why we only eat there once every two years.) Despite the amount of food we downed and the number of crying babies in the restaurant, having an hour to sit together away from home was a much needed respite.

Bri attended my MPH opening social and her cousin Matthew's first birthday party on Saturday. Then, as if to prove she was over her cold, she slept 10 hours last night - in a row! She has eaten more today than all of last week combined, and she is back to her chilled out, happy self. I hope this means she will be easier to handle in class tomorrow than she was last week.

Here is a photo of our MPH Twister competition... which I lost within the first three moves. Thus, I am behind the camera.

Rich, Camille, Emily, Melissa

Rachel and her husband Derek

Video Corner:

Bri in her swing with a cold.

The next 3 were taken today of Bri playing in her pen. They are remarkably similar to each other, with simple variations that might appeal to the kind of grandmother who requests video.


Anonymous said...

The videos appeal to Aunts too!


Ryan said...


I'm glad Bridgette pulled through for you guys and slept 10 hours! After our conversation I was hoping I didn't come across as one of those "well my baby does this and that perfectly" types. I was definitely feeling your pain for those sleepless nights...

Heidi said...

He he. Looks like it's time for bigger socks. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos by request! Of course, I like them all.

Love you,

Liz said...

I have been SUCH a slacker! I don't check blogs too often, and here it has been TWELVE weeks since this precious little girl was born and I haven't been up to date! She is just beautiful! Congratulations! I'm glad she is growing well and of course SLEEPING well. :) I'm so sorry about the rough start- how awful! But I'm glad you guys are adjusting well and you just are the greatest parents ever. Reading about the first few weeks of her life brought back such vivid pictures of my first pediatric patient when I was in nursing school- a little boy (I don't remember exactly how old... maybe 1? 18 months?) who was in Primary Childrens. He had Hirschsprung's and had just had his ostomy reversed. I don't know if I had ever seen a happier mom! She was walking on sunshine! And the little boy looked wonderful.
Okay better go. Congrats again, Kelly -she is seriously so cute!

Lisa Merkley said...

I'm so glad she's doing so well! She looks so happy and healthy!

P.S. Mine's here, too!!

Rob said...

Hehe, people still call Cora a boy, no matter how much pink she wears!