Monday, September 15, 2008

Ten! Ten Weeks Old! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Baby Bri is maturing! Currently she is working on her advanced sleeping skills, hand-eye coordination, and general muscle strength. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's fun to watch.

SLEEP: Previously, Bri would only sleep when swaddled tight like a burrito. Otherwise, she woke herself up every time her arms jerked. Recently she's been doing more playing and then falling asleep on her own. She naps in her swing, her bouncer, and in new positions on us. She also slept 9 and 10 hours the last two nights. I hope she continues to enjoy a full night's rest.

Asleep in papa's lap.

Actually sleeping on mommy's shoulder.

Just For Gram -- Baby's Chubby Legs

HAND-EYE: Bridgette has long batted at Winnie-the-Pooh in her swing, though until this week, hitting him has been a complete accident. In the last few days, however, she seems quite determined to smack him on purpose. She's not grabbing for anything yet, but I assume that will come in due time.

P.S. - So far, she favors her left hand.

MUSCLES: Bri holds her head up beautifully these days. She also "stands up" quite nicely. When I'm holding her she pushes her legs against my arm hard enough that she propels herself over my shoulder. When laying on her back, she'll push her legs against anything hard and launch herself across smooth surfaces. I'd like to say we encourage this because it's good for her. And we do. But it's also equal parts funny and cute.

Smiles All Around

OTHER NEWS: We got to attend a party for our friend Krystal's 30th birthday. Bridgette seemed to enjoy just chilling outside in the grass, and the extra sights and sounds wore her out early. We all had a good time.

Krystal Read turns 30! Congrats, friend!

A Jumble of Johnson's: Jeff, Jeremy, Ellie, Heidi, Kelly, Bridgette

LASTLY: We're having trouble with Bri's ileostomy dressing again. We went a whole month changing it routinely every third day with no leaks. Then, in the last week, we have had to change it 5 times. True to form, the trouble is also affecting her skin which has begun to break down quite seriously in places. We're back to experimenting with various methods as we search for a solution.


Anonymous said...

I hoped there would be a new post today. Thanks for the photo just for me. All sounds well and fun - do keep enjoying every moment. Sorry about the ostomy bags, though. Is their failure a result of her growth, or is it still a mystery as to why they are failing? Hang in there.

Love you guys,

HeatherH said...

It looks like you're enjoying being parents. Bri is beautiful!!