Monday, October 6, 2008

Baker's Dozen

13 weeks and, on Wednesday, 3 months in the world. Right on schedule Bridgette's outgrown all her 0-3 month clothing.

We had a great week.

Baby was good in class... as good as she gets anyway. My friend Emily took a couple of pictures of her sleeping on me. They misrepresent her general awakeness, but they're very cute. Babs usually falls asleep, finally, as soon as classes end.

We also visited BYU's duck pond, a park near our house, and two restaurants. She liked the duck pond best. It was full of commotion. And ducks.

Bri continues occassionally to play herself to sleep. Not often, but it happens.

Bri is laughing and smiling more these days. Here are some pics of her smiling for us. If you look at the second one carefully, you will see what an ostomy dressing leak looks like. We can smell it before we see it. Although it doesn't smell like a normal poopy diaper, it does smell rank.

Bridgette had to have three dressing changes this weekend, two of them in the middle of General Conference.

This is how Bridgette fell asleep on Jeff during conference.

Jeff took this photo of us cuddled up watching conference.

Here is a picture of her stoma, uncovered. It bleeds pretty easily, and Bri is into grabbing it now. Her sharp nails pierce it easily, so we have to be particularly vigilant about keeping her arm wrapped up or held. The second picture is just because for some reason I thought she was adorable. Maybe she was being good. Maybe it was those big blue eyes.

In Kelly news, I was able to play volleyball this week -- what joy! I have few true passions, but volleyball is one of them. I could play 12 hours a day and skip meals to stay in the game. Unfortunately, given the status of my left knee, I had to prevent myself from jumping. But after a year in absence, it was still more fun than I've had in a long time. Also, I put on a pair of my pre-maternity jeans without using vaseline and a winch. I've opted not to wear them out of the house yet, but they button up fine. It felt good.

In Jeff news... Wait. Let me ask him. He says, "I don't have anything exciting."

Here is some duck pond video. It might make you motion-sick. Watch at your own risk:


Lisa Merkley said...

My how time flies! And how fast babies grow! She is lookin' good...and chunky. We like that!

HeatherH said...

The pictures look great and it's amazing how these babies fall asleep. We have one video/pictures of Ellie falling asleep while jumping. It was jump, snooze, jump, snooze, jump, finally asleep. It was the cutest thing!

Bri is certainly cute and adorable! :)

Marilyn said...

Bri is getting so big. She is very cute. Can't wait for her to be able to come to church regularly.