Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Cry Over Spilled Poop

The adventures with poop continue well into Bri's third month. We've discovered all kinds of ways to spill it everywhere.

The easiest, least exciting, but most annoying is merely when her ileostomy bag breaks where the locking syringe is inserted. Perhaps the most surprising and distressing (thus "crying over spilled poop") is when she has so much poop in her bag after a long night's sleep that we keep pulling the syringe back... back... back... until *POP* it pulls out of the tube altogether. Then 60 cc's of beautiful, yet smelly, liquid gold pour out all over the dresser, floor, and us. I think we'll replace the carpet once she has her second surgery.

Babs is grabbing toys, clothes, burp cloths, etc. more regularly these days. She also makes quite a bit of noise. It is a commonality at home, but my classmates heard their first babbling onslaught last Thursday afternoon. I fear her "participation" in the weeks to come.

I went back over the quadzillion photos I took this last week and realized 96% of them were taken of Bri in her bouncer. In celebration of her legs, I've decided to post every single one of them in this entry. Just kidding. But I've picked out two that I like a lot, even though I posted one last week as well.

Family time...

Four pups, twice over.

Below: Babe's in the Hood. I like her rattle socks. And her scowl.

Below: Bri's dress made by Grandma Summa, smocking and all.

There's also a video for you video-lovers:

Page 1: The shimmer of the duck pond on the trees above. This low-resolution video doesn't do it credit, but it was one of the loveliest sights I've viewed in a long while.
Page 2: A short clip from Kennecott.
Page 3: Playing footsies at church.
Page 4: Scaredy-Chew tentatively trying to make it into the office passed the bouncer. Go-lucky Piper doing it easily.
Page 5: Bridgette asleep in her bouncer... and still bouncing.
Page 6: Mom & babe playing on the floor.
Page 7: *BONUS* For those who last this long, you get to hear Bri's first filmed laugh. It's small, but genuine, and it's all directed at Chewy, the funny-man.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty animal quilt in the first photo. Where did you get it? Someone put a lot of effort into that.

Of course, Bri is as darling as ever, and you are looking beautiful, Kelly. Thanks for posting the photo of Bri in the turquoise overall shorts for me to see. I'm glad they still fit her.

I am looking forward to visiting in a few weeks. Please tell Bri I appreciated her letter to me in the last blog.

Love you,

Tammy and Alvin said...

The clip of scaredy-chew is hilarious! I love Bri's laugh. It's crazy how much she seems to grow and change each week on this blog. Love ya!

Janel said...

i survived the video...too cute.