Monday, October 13, 2008

Week #14

The weather has turned downright nippy here in Utah. We'd just started experiencing the best of autumn when the sky scorned us and poured out snow. Yes, we are so very aware that it's only mid-October. Supposedly it will return to the 60's later this week.

This week baby Bridgette:

1) Got bigger. (Surprise, surprise.) She weighs somewhere between 14 and 15 pounds. This is a wide range of potential ounces, but the scale fluctuates wildly... mostly because she fluctuates wildly while lying upon it.

2) Grabbed a toy for the first time, tangled her fingers in it, and fell asleep.

3) Recognized Chewy as another sentient lifeform, then yanked his fur. I was only trying to get a photo of them together. But I accidentally documented the whole surprise encounter. (As evidenced below, they were both surprised.)

4) Got new warm pj's.

5) Slept for 11-12 hours every night since Wednesday. Whoops of joy, please, all around.

6) Woke up happy every morning. Simply adorable.

7) Went to church. If you want details on this (Grandma) you are welcome to call.

At 8 a.m. the trees, grass, and bushes were completely covered with an inch of snow. By 2 p.m. most of the snow had melted though it was still quite chilly. You can see vestiges on our roof.

8) Spent lots more time at the duck pond, even though birds are a natural reservoir for viruses. It would appear we're not overly worried about zoonotic transmission in this household.

Jeff is enjoying his life at The Generations Network. The company got its millionth subscriber and has celebrated with a series of smallish festivities.

Kelly is already into the crunch of projects, papers, and tests which - like the snow - seems to have come early this semester.

Below: Bri puts on her pathetically sad face.

Bridgette's favorite chill-out activity is watching the fans.

Totally rapt.


Tammy and Alvin said...

You guys are all so cute! I especially like your orange shirt.

Kelly said...

I love Bridgette's little smile! Tyler wants to come play!

Rob said...

Your baby is wonderful! How does she like her sleeping bag? Cora isn't a big fan of hers, but it's so much better than blankets for keeping a tossing baby warm while sleeping.

Glad to hear Bri enjoys the ducks! However, in my beloved birds' defense, humans are also disease reservoirs.:) Through reverse zoonosis, people give things like TB to birds!

Chelsea said...

Congratulations--Bri now officially weighs more than Max even though he is 3 weeks older. I took him for a 4-month checkup on Tuesday and he's only 14.9

Kel said...

Mr. Bogardus,

I thought about you as I wrote about birds and diseases. Poor ducks! We will do our best not to give them TB. Darn zoonosis.

Janel said...

she is totally chunky....I know I heard about the UT snow from my other UT like that here in CA...sunny skies..I can't wait for cool weather.

HeatherH said...

We love capturing our babies frowns! Brian had the cutest lip when he cried - it turned all the way down. :)

Kristi Craft said...

Thanks for the nursing tips. We're seeing the dietician tomorrow. But I've been nursing every 2-3 hours. I saw that your baby sleeps 11-12 hours now. Wow, i can't wait for that day to come! How do you do it?