Tuesday, November 25, 2008

20 Weeks

Miss giggle cheeks!

Piper & Bridgette discuss Foucault.

Give it up for my photo-skillz. I caught this slobber mid-drool.

We took the pups back to Vineyard Park this weekend. They loved it and practiced finding & herding us. Piper got a little confused sometimes and ran way past her quarry.

Typical Jeff - Winter Coat plus Shorts

The pups (probably Piper) ransacked the nursery while we were at church. Evidently we did not latch the door. Mmm... poopy ostomy trash. The toys, fortunately, were spread out but not gouged. No missing eyes or limbs.

Davina celebrated her 28th this week at P.F. Chang's, and she had Bridgette belly-laughing.

Happy happy birthday, Nini, dear!

In my Small Group Health Promotion Interventions class, I promoted saccharide-intake by covering the table in brown, sugary treats. Ah, sweet intervention!

Babs, taking one of her infrequent and short naps at school.

After Utah's football team soundly hammered BYU on Thursday, baby dressed for both schools. She wore a blue dress, in loyalty to her alma mater, with a red tie, admitting token-homage to our conquerors.

This was Bri's expression after one of Max Hall's interceptions & subsequent personal fouls.

We enjoy our annual BYU/U of U game-day party with the Read's. He went to the U and she to the Y, thus the "House Divided" t-shirts. Curtis finally had a reason to celebrate this year. ;)

This last one is just for fun...

p.s. - For the first time since birth, Bridgette took a bath this week without crying!


Anonymous said...

Awww...she makes me happy

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Johnson Family!


HeatherH said...

She really is gorgeous an growing so well! Thanks for the weekly updates!!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I LOVE her pics. You caught some good ones. She's growing so quickly.

We're still waiting for ours to come. She has about 1 week left but hopefully it'll befor then.

I love the couple with the house divided shirts. We have a few couples in our ward with the same situation. It always seems to be the girls from BYU and the guys from Utah.

JulieAnn said...

so cute! look at those chubby legs!

Marilyn said...

Great photos of that darling little girl. What a doll.

Kelly said...

What adorable pictures. She grows everytime I see her.