Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Babe Loses Her Dinner

Guess what? I didn't feel sick after Thanksgiving dinner! Although I came close after eating two pieces of pie. Mmmmmmm... It was fun hanging out with the family and eating and talking. That's what Thanksgiving is all about - eating and talking.

We also took the pups to a park and Piper ran around crazy! Chewy ran around a little bit, but he was more interested in marking his territory...

I fed baby Bridgette some formula Sunday night and after a couple of hours she started throwing it all back up. There is nothing sadder than seeing such a sick baby. She is feeling much better and I just put her to bed with 8 ounces of the good stuff (breast milk).

Kelly was at school all day today so I got to stay home by myself a few hours with the dogs. It was good to see Kelly and baby when they came home though.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

That's me after finishing Thanksgiving dinner (taken by Brenda)

Uncle Paul holds baby Bridgette (taken by Brenda)

Uncle Paul holding Bridgette again (taken by Brenda)

Uncle Jon gets Bri to smirk

I think Kelly took this one of me, Kelly and Jon

What good pups!

Chewy dog is curious, Piper likes to lick

What a cute babe and momma

Baby Bridgette's first meal at the dinner table!

So cute and precious

Baby plays while we eat dinner

Cousin Lili and Bridgette

Lili sure loves her new cousin!

Picard wigs out and paints in the warp core breach

Data shows the shape that cannot exist in real time and will doom the Borg


Kel said...

Timescape! What a great episode. You're funny, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Jeff. I assume Kelly's been too busy with school and other things this week.

I'm so sorry to hear about baby Bri's lost dinner, and VERY sick-ness. I hope she adjusts to other new foods more easily. Bridgette looks so natural in her high chair. Perhaps one day, sitting in it will involve food.

And I'm glad to see and hear about your pleasant Thanksgiving. It is great to be with family on such occasions and I am happy you were able to share the day with others.

Love you,

HeatherH said...

What's really sad is I remember that episode! Want to hear something even sadder? I teared up when I saw the previews for the new Star Trek movie. Sad.

On a happy note - Bri is looking lovely as always!

Chelsea said...

I love your blog--it's such a nice vacation from my real life. I may just show up at your doorstep sometime and demand to play with Bri. She is adorable and squishalicious!