Sunday, December 28, 2008

Firsts Galore

Wondering why Bridgette has a bright pink gerbera daisy growing out of her forehead? Consider it a botony experiment. Or an ode to Gerber baby food. Or perhaps haute couture for a finicky costumer... no no... that was supposed to be customer. Ah so, just as well.

On to the post!

If you say it over and over again, "first" is a strange sounding word. We had ample opportunity to say first this week as both Bridgette and Piper experienced Christmas for the first time, and Bridgette also had her first baby-food. Success being attained, first baby-food was followed by firsts of all types of baby-food.

First first first first first. Odd.

And then there was first baby-food poo. (I could describe this in great detail, invoking all your senses. But I won't.)

We'll post some of this week's pictures, of course, and then drop a slideshow at the end for grandma-like people. If you are a grandma-like person, you are either one of Bridgette's grandmas, extremely sweet, or interested in viewing many photos. You don't have to be old.

Just so you know, we took LOTS of video. But we opted to spare you... this time.

However, if you want to see the cutest yet simultaneously most hilarious video in the world, just click this link to my friends' blog and watch the clip of their daughter: With a Bonk Bonk Here.

Series 1: Bridgette's very first bite of food.

"Yes? Did you want something?"
"What the...?!?"
"Wait a minute. That wasn't so bad."
"Mmmm. Pears."
"More! More!"
"I secretly wish Mom would take another picture."

Series 2: Photos that may require some explanation.

Bridgette's Christmas gift from Uncle Craig.
I will let you interpret her expression.
Chewy slept right through Santa's visit around 1 a.m.
We thought, "How darling! We'll wear Santa hats
and suspend Bri in a giant stocking between us."
She thought, "I am your DAUGHTER, not a TOY!"

Series 3: Slideshow of Johnson extended-family Christmas-Eve gathering followed by Jeff Johnson family Christmas-All-Day festivities. (Some Christmas Eve shots taken by Brenda.)
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Angela said...

I know all about that food poo. You can buy lubricate to help get it out too. We use it about once a day. Bridgette is too cute in her oversized stocking.

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Yay for baby foods. Well, it's bitter sweet I guess...the poo definitely takes on a whole new smell. Just wait till she's a toddler eating solid foods. I'm so ready for Brayden to be potty trained.

I love the stocking pics. I agree that some of our great ideas don't always come across as great to the kids. :)

Chelsea said...

I love that Jeff actually pried her little mouth open.

Kelly said...

We love the Santa hats and Bridgette in a stocking. Part of the fun of being the parent is making the kids squirm! We tried sledding this week with Matthew. Wait until you see those pictures!

HeatherH said...

She is getting so big! She really is beautiful!