Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Building Blocks

Bridgette received this toy from Gramma and Grampa Hoose for Christmas. She likes to handle, bang, and throw the pieces about. That's what I do when trying something new too. In this household, it's what we call learning.

This week I began medication to up my breast milk supply, and it seems to be working. I'm not overflowing with milk and honey, but my child appears to be getting enough for the first time in a month. Since she bites... ow!... I no longer nurse but spend a great deal of time (did I mention that I spend a GREAT DEAL OF TIME) pumping. So I can quantify her milk. And it has increased. Yip, yip!

As of Sunday and Tuesday, Bridgette was eating better too. As of Monday she was not. Still touch and go in that department. Similar results with her sleeping. We still don't get more than 6 hours in a row (oh, but that was a beautiful night) on good days, but on bad days, like last night, we're lucky to get two. Again, not sure what's happening, but someday she'll speak in full sentences and explain why she is upset.

Actually, I think last night she may have had her first true night terror. Poor babe.

Today the blessed news is that she picked up a Baby Mum-Mum (a specially-designed melt-in-your-mouth rice-crisp) and jammed it in her mush. Success! Did I mention today was a good eating day? But she really really doesn't like peas. Or Gourmet Organic Chicken Mango Risotto that happens to have split pea flakes in it.

Our one outing this week was to the mall on Saturday while Papa Jeff was home. The intent was to traipse around and look at stuff thereby increasing the connections in Bri's gray-matter. But we ate at California Pizza Kitchen instead. It called to us. And who are we to shirk a call to eat pizza? Actually, I got split pea soup. Oh the irony.

In this photo at CPK, you will see Bridgette in one of my favorite new outfits... because I really like sea turtles. Of course, she was mistaken for a boy. But it was worth it.

Here is a picture of the Johnson girls on the "girl couch." We end up together a lot. Sometimes on the other girl couch. Or the girl bed. Or in the girl office. Sometimes we all lie on the girl floor. Sometimes Chewy joins us and then it's no longer sexist.

In school news, I completed my first of many FEMA independent study courses today. It was a daylong, drawn-out, laborious process punctuated by feedings, pumpings, nappings, cryings, playings, and picking-toys-up-off-the-ground-again-ings. But the first of my building blocks has been stacked. And at the moment, I feel ready for more.


Heidi said...

Baby Mum-mums are awesome! They make an especially ideal treat for church because they're not messy (and they're inexpensive)! Ellie still likes to pull them out of her snack container. :)

Tammy and Alvin said...

Hooray for a school success! And that sea turtle outfit is cute. But, isn't it winter out there? It seems like you and Bri are always sporting summer-wear!

Anonymous said...

To solve the "he/she" problem, when Bridgette is sporting a blue (interpret that to mean anything that will be considered boyish) outfit, make sure she also has a bow in her hair. Either people will figure it out and call her "she," or they will think you strange for putting a bow in your son's hair and stay away! Either way you look at it - "Problem solved!"

I am so glad that milk is up, food is down (sometimes), sleeplessness is declining, and schoolwork/learning is progressing.

And, I'm curious about the same thing that Tammy is. Not only did I think that it's cold there, I also thought that you, and maybe Bri, were ectotherms. Things indoors in Utah must be kept very warm. You should see us here in Texas - this week it got really cold, with some ice, for the first time this winter. Midlanders are hopeless ectotherms. Ice scares us. And we can't drive in it either.

Congratulations on the successes - and patience in all else.

Love you,

Angela said...

I was at Walmart and found the Baby Mum Mum's, Isabella devoured it. She loved them and they weren't messy at all!

Lisa Merkley said...

Good luck with the feeding/sleeping issues. We seem to be having GREAT success with the sleeping, but not so much with the eating. Most of what goes down comes back up. We'll see tommorrow at her check-up if she's growing enough.

And I'm impressed that you continue to try to nurse. I NEVER made enough for any of my 3 kids and I always ended up doing the bottle, with some sooner than others. You go girl!

Kel said...

An ectothermic quadreped, carnivorous by nature?

The day in question was warm and balmy - a mere 42 degrees out. It rained off and on and smacked of Seattle. Total beauty.

As to poikilotherm-status, here's the deal. We just don't go outside during the winter. Unless we're forced to get the mail. Or walk to or from the car. What you can't see in the sea-turtle picture is the brown puffy down -30 coat with hood that is draped behind my chair. Nor can you see Bri's car-seat cuddly-cub-sack where she burrows during car rides and until we remove her (in this case, half-way through lunch). It's so warm it there she would sweat, even if she wore nothing but her diaper. In fact, I am more worried about her overheating than being cold in that thing.

As to her being a boy, I almost always put a bow in Bri's hair in the morning. By 10 a.m. it's gone. She doesn't actually take it off. Jeff does. He takes her shoes off too.

Kel said...

No wait.

That's an endothermic biped, vegetarian by nature.

Unless you're talking about Bridgette, in which case --

She's an endothermic helminth, milk-ravenous in nature.

Anonymous said...

You're funny, Kelly!

I suppose Jeff removes bows and shoes because he knows HE wouldn't want to be wearing them, so why should she have to.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

THAT'S MY GIRL! Bridgette, I'm so proud of you for already picking up on the fact that no good can come of eating peas. Ever. If you stick to your convictions, I can get you into the pea-haters club when you get a little older. There's a secret handshake and password and everything. We'll talk.

Stay Strong!
Aunt Lynn

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I love the pic with you holding Bri. You are just beaming--proud mom!

Jacqueline Miller said...

Glad to hear she's eating better and your milk supply is up. She certainly looks great - and happy - in the pics. We're a big fan of Mum-mums, too!!

April said...

Thanks for your kind words and compliments! Your daughter is darling!

HeatherH said...

I totally understand your pain when it comes to having a poor milk supply. I'm so glad pumping is working out and the medication is helping. :)

Bri is growing like crazy and she is so adorable! I love looking at her pictures.