Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(i nawgye raysh'n) n. -
1. a formal ceremony to open or mark the beginning of something
2. the act of putting something into operation, or an occasion on which this is done

I missed Obama's inauguration because Bri was eating peaches -- actually eating them on purpose, not being force-fed. Choosing between these two inaugurations, I picked the one closer to home.

After a filling lunch of milk & fruit, Bridgette sat on the bed with me while I pumped. This was the result:

And here are Bri and Chewy because they're both so cute.


Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn't be up so late. I was working on a service project until a few minutes ago, and thought I'd check the blog before going to bed. What a surprise to find something new. Yay-hoo!

And, yay-hoo to Bridgette for eating peaches and milk and being happy and satisfied enough to simply fall asleep. I hope this is a sign for the future.

I think they (Bridgette and Chewy)are cute too, Kelly. I love those eyes - especially Bridgette's.


Kel said...

Aren't you always up too late? Bridgette slept through the night last night, Wednesday to Thursday, for the first time in over a month. 13 hours. Well, minus one minor bottle requirement around 11:30. We hope she continues.

Eating is still touch and go.

April said...

I think eating peaches on purpous was nglworth missing the D.C festivities :)