Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Small Amalgamation

Bridgette - January 2009 - 6 months old

Bridgette's development has reached a stage of constant change. For example, she decided to sit up on New Year's Day. She held her own bottle on January 2nd. This being January 3rd, Bri surprised us by reaching for Jeff when he leaned down to pick her up.

We recognize that these are simple developments that are exciting to few besides ourselves. But we're excited all the same. Oddly enough, Bri can turn pages in a book on command, but she shows absolutely zero interest in rolling over. I know that sounds far-fetched, but it's true, on both accounts. It will be interesting giving that report to her pediatrician at her 6-month appointment this Thursday.

I'm going somewhat stir-crazy after only two weeks at home and have discovered a new talent: creating superficial reasons that require me to leave the house. So far Bridgette likes adventures as much as me and responds well to the sensory stimulation.

Whoa! Bridgette is sitting in Jeff's lap while I write this, and she just let out the biggest banana burp ever.

Here is a winning shot of Bri with Chewy & Piper. Getting them all in one frame is difficult enough. But to get their heads close together with all three looking at the camera? What a feat!

The next three shots illustrate the difficulty of photographing three moving souls with the attention span of ... well... an infant and two puppies.

This was very funny. After I took this fun shot of Bridgette and Piper "playing" together, I left the room for a moment. When I came back, I discovered that Piper had dropped her new toy in Bridgette's arms. So I guess the word "playing" doesn't actually need quote marks.

So, according to the Chinese, Bridgette is a rat. Born in the Year of the Rat, Bridgette brought in the Western new year by wearing her celebratory rat t-shirt. (I know, I know... the Chinese New Year is in February, but the shirt may not fit then). Her rat personality, as printed on the back of the tee, is this:

quick-witted and charming
resourceful by nature
master of mind games
hyperactive crib shaker
protective and loyal to friends,
especially mom

I question the hyper-active crib shaker line, given her no-rolling-over status. Still, to end the entry, here are three more pictures of our adorable little rat.


Jeff Johnson said...

Our baby is cuter than yours! :):):)

Angela said...

Don't worry about the rolling over thing. our son, did the same thing. He studied things until he knew how to do it, then just decided to do it and do it very well! Charles turned pages well before he crawled.
So Isabella crawling, standing up, cruising (she did that today) is all very sudden for us.
Glad Bridgette is doing so well. I love love love the picture of her and the dogs.

Lisa Merkley said...

As someone once said about my child, "She (or "he" in my case) sure isn't missing any meals!" I love the fat rolls. They are a sign of a healthy happy baby!

Kel said...

Jeffrey! I can't believe you wrote that! :)

JJuracan and family said...

ok, I'm born in the year of the Rat too, but Brig is WAY cuter than me!!! Her fat rolls are cute...mine, well, not so cute anymore :-) She is just so dang cute!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun fun fun! Reaching those milestones is so exciting! She seems to be developing so well! What great parents you are!

Chelsea said...

I think your friend Angela has great sense--Bri will roll over when it's worth it to her. Although I have to say that Max can hold his own in the cute-baby category :) Bridgette is better-blogged than he is, though.