Friday, January 16, 2009

Who Am I?

We have heard that Bridgette looks exactly like a lot of people. Here are some who have made the list: me, Jeff, my mother, my father, Jeff's father, my grandmother, her cousin Emma, my older brother, and my younger brother.

But we know who she really looks like!

She looks exactly like Bridgette!

And speaking of Bridgette, her cutest new nickname comes from one of the little girls in our neighborhood who calls her Widget.

Last Saturday we took babsy to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. We started in the Utah ecology section where Bri was terrified and traumatized by the trout tanks -- big slimy copper-scaled monsters with gaping mouths swarming in to attack her. I was just beginning to think that perhaps this was not the enriching experience I was hoping for when she got interested. I think it was the cool blacklit jellyfish that did it.

Above: Gently Petting the Stingrays
Below: Bri's favorite part was lunch. She's wearing a fish bib.

Bri's 2nd tooth emerged this morning. It's just a smidgen of a line right now, but she already seems a titch happier than she has for most of this week. She has lately refused to take anything but milk and even that in small quantities.

This is not terribly unusual. She seemed to be taking solid foods quite well, but after one week of eating beautifully she became more and more finicky and finally refused to eat at all. When she does eat, or when we force her to eat, the baby-food goes through her sometimes in a matter of minutes.

In fact, Bri's pediatrician has placed her on malnutrition watch because her weight percentile dropped in two months from 80th to 55th. While 55th is healthy, and we still receive skads of comments about her chubby legs, we hope she stabilizes there. If she continues to drop, then we'll know she is malnourished.

I like to post pictures of her smiling, but the truth is that she's between grumpy, angry, and thoroughly sad most of the time now. She won't or can't eat when she's hungry, but then she doesn't sleep because she's hungry. The result is a houseful of grumpy, hungry, tired people.

In the photo below, you'll see that Chewy had jumped onto the couch to greet Bridgette when we came home, but when she started screaming he slunk away. He's really quite sensitive.

Today's repast has been a lovely relief. She actually slept for an hour this morning and has been down for 10 minutes so far this afternoon - more than she's slept for weeks.

Bri received some mail from her great-grandma yesterday. She had a tree planted in her name on Arbor Day and got this card commemorating her place in the conservation world.

Bridgette thought it was silly to send a paper card to commemorate the conservation of trees and decided to recycle it herself.

In Kelly news, I am pushing to get a whole bloomin' bunch of schoolwork done in the next 2 1/2 months, so I can walk in April. I don't know if it's physically or chronologically possible, but I shall try. I'm afraid if I don't push on, I will quit. I'm dreadfully close to quitting as it is.

All of this malnutrition/sleep-deprivation trouble began at the near-end of last semester. It's sorrowful and taxing, and I find I only have between 3 & 45 minutes each day to do anything but console my babe. I choose to use this time for the basics of life: eating, hygiene, and/or the never-ending pumping to eek out Bri's milk supply. But perhaps I could cut something out for school's sake. Like showering.

Our Little Widget

This is some fine footage of Bridgette falling asleep at the Living Planet Aquarium. We had reached the room with spiders and snakes, but apparently they were too boring.

A bit of tomfoolery.


123 checkoutourfamily said...

I'm convinced that babies look like different people at different stages. They're always changing.

Hang in there with school. You've come this far, you CAN DO IT! I'm so amazed at what you've done already. WOW!

All I can say is having more kids only makes life crazier so go for it now. :)

Angela said...

I hope you can figure out the food issue. I'm sure you and your pediatrician are working together so I will pray that y'all figure it out.
I know it's hard to hear her cry and not be able to do anything for her.
She is so adorable and whoever she looks like is just fine. We get that a lot too with both kids and I've learned to just agree with them because it's different everytime. Just wait they will start comparing her walk, talk, and attitude when she gets older.
It just never ends.
I will be praying that bridgette eats and that you can get some school work done.

Jacqueline Miller said...

I hope she starts eating better for you soon. Hang in there and let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those teeth are adorable! Thanks for posting the picture.

I love the video of Chewy - he is SUCH a smart dog!

Hopefully, now that the second tooth has appeared, Bridgette will be a little less grumpy for you. And hopefully, you can all get a little more sleep.

We have never stopped praying for Bridgette and her parents, nor have we stopped putting your names on the prayer rolls at the temple. We will continue to do so until all is settled and through. Grandma Summa told me that she continues to put Bridgette's name on the prayer rolls at her church, too. We all want the best possible outcome.

Maybe you can find just one solid food that Bridgette likes and that seems to regularly (maybe not always, but most of the time) digest well and keep feeding her that one thing until she gets completely used to it, like she is to milk. Just an idea.

We love you and wish we were closer so that we could help more regularly.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that Bridgette's list of favorites on the side bar have been updated. I would have to agree that peaches are delicious. Who wouldn't like them (skinless, of course)? And, of course her favorite animal is Chewy. What a laugh he can get from her! And while it takes a little bit of a stretch, I can also understand her love of the Bagpipe Tattoo. While a bagpipe is not my favorite instrument, the Tattoo would hold a certain fascination, in a "that's a different sound than I'm used to" sort of way. But, please explain to me the Payless Shoe ad as her favorite toy... is it a paper ad?
Bridgette's Gramma

JulieAnn said...

Cora stopped eating when she was teething too. Good luck

Kel said...

Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement and prayers. JulieAnn, I hope that it is a matter of teething. It's just so hard for us to know when it's something normal... or something more serious. Poor babe can't tell us. There's always an underlying worry that we're not recognizing some Hirschsprung's-related trouble.

Mom - Bridgette loves paper. It makes the coolest noises when wrinkled, squished, munched, thrown, balled up, etc. Thus, the Payless Shoe Ad. I think it was what she had in her hands at the time I made that update. She grabs for it all the time, even when not given to her, so I have to watch that she doesn't eat it. But then again, why should I stop her? At least she's eating!

I recently checked a list of 6-month milestones, which include developed/ emerging/ and advanced skills. Bridgette can both talk and purposely rake up and handle objects... both advanced skills. But she cannot roll over, a definite should-already-be-developed skill. It made me laugh.

In the meantime, she very handily calls "mama" whenever she wants to be moved. Good girl. Good mama.