Tuesday, February 10, 2009

7 Months of Sundays

Babe turned 7 months on Sunday!

Here's the little girl in an adorable outfit. Or, perhaps I should say under an adorable outfit. I'm afraid that pants have to be very loose to fit around her bag and stoma, and by the time an outfit's shirt/sweater is the right size (this one was still a titch large,) the pants are too small. But who's to care as long as you have a photograph, eh?

You can see her little tooth in this shot.

I can't really decide who is the cutest in the next photo.

Bridgette's outfit was perfect because the shirt is a onesie. The pants were very large, so we could pull them completely over her stoma and up around her armpits. You'd never know she had Urkel-pants because the shirt also includes a stylishly long overlay.

Bri likes bottles almost as much as Chewy. They are beginning to become jealous of each other's toys.

This cute puppy is Bri's very own, given by Aunt Lynn. It even barks. True to form, Bridgette's favorite part of every toy is the tag.

Or, in this case, the dog-house in which the puppy lives. The puppy came with his/her own home, a crinkly bone & water bowl, and a jingly ball. It was cute to watch Bridgette pass the ball back-and-forth between her hands. Visions of basketball practice pranced through my head.

Here are Bri and my newly skinnified husband all ready for church.

And this beauty is of Bridgette not rolling over. Like usual. But she did turn to look at something. Definite progress.

The big event this week was an early Valentine's surprise/date that me and my sister-in-law Heidi planned for our twin husbands. We took them to a Harlem Globetrotters game in SLC. They both claim not to have known what we were doing, and if they're lying, I hope they keep it up. It was fun attempting to keep them in the dark.

It was the first baby-less date that Jeff and I have gone on in months. There was a baby girl with her family in the seats just behind us. Hearing her fuss made me miss Bridgette. Oh the irony. If Bridgette had been with us fussing, I'd have wished we'd left her home. Thanks much to the Liechty family for taking good care of our precious bundle.

Here's a photo of the surprise'ees. What say? Do they look like twins? Some people think they look nothing alike... well, like brothers at least... and others cannot tell them apart.

The Harlem Globetrotters were amusing, but I didn't realize how rehearsed or silly the performance would be. It was the perfect activity for families. There were kids sitting all around us and hearing them all laugh uproariously was just as rewarding as attending the show.

Here are Heidi and Jeremy.

And one to grow on because we were **shock!** camera happy. This was taken after the game. Most folks had vacated, and the others were on the arena floor getting autographs. It struck me that if I had been 10, I'd have been down there too.

This video is not to be missed, despite the washed-out lighting:

And this video will appeal to all you tech-geeks or tech-geek-wannabees. Bridgette is a chip of ye olde block:


Anonymous said...


What a cute little girl. Dad looked at the first photo and said, "She's looking older." She is, just like I mentioned in my response to your last post. And it does look like she's getting ready to roll over. She will do it when she's ready and wants to do it. I love her giggle in the video, and I think it's time she gets her own computer (or at least her own keyboard and mouse). Has her Daddy thought about that yet?

I hope you had a good time on your date. Have a happy Valentine's Day, all!

Love you,
Mom (Gramma)

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I love the Erkel pants. No worries, some of Brielle's pants fit like that too.

I love the pic of her chewing on the bottle. Babies are so fascinated with simple things...who would have thought. Don't worry about buying toys.

Brayden didn't roll over for a LONG time. It's interesting how every kid is different. He walked early though. At first I thought it was great, then I realized I wouldn't have minded him waiting longer.

I think Jeff and his twin look more like brothers than twins.Wow, that pic with you in the black shirt really shows off your blue eyes. Bri totally has your eyes.

Her laugh is the cutest!!! Don't you just live for those moments?

Heidi said...

Ellie got a kick out of watching Bridgette laugh, too!

Marilyn said...

Cute pics. By the way, The BABY is definately the cutest. Sorry Jeff.

Mary Liechty said...

We LOVED watching Bri! She's the cutest baby and the perfect angel! It was fun seeing how sweet Savannah and Matthew were with her. They loved feeding, rocking, and playing with her. After she left, Matthew said "Mom , we need to have a girl. They're more fun then boys!". I sure hope I can deliver.

BTW-It was funny how she found and played with every tag on her toys. What a doll!!


HeatherH said...

Isn't it funny you leave your baby for a date and there's always another one there to make you miss the one you left at home?? Hilarious!

Kelly said...

I have to agree...Bridgette is cuter than Jeff. Love the tooth.