Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Breed a Vampire

This entry is dedicated to my friend Tammy who took the time to notice that I missed a Tuesday blog.

Bridgette went from one tooth to two to three to four... just as you'd expect. A little fast, perhaps, but nothing unusual. Except, wait a minute! Instead of getting her two front teeth on top, she's getting her lateral incisors. Awesome. One little vampire, coming up!

This week marks yet another week on the adorable-photos calendar. I get so used to posting photos here, that sometimes I forget what else, if anything, has happened during the week. If you want to read some really funny, candid anecdotes about life with children, please see my friend's blog: Better Than Boogers.

Besides photos... let's see...

Bridgette's weight has fluctuated within the 16 pound mark for two months now. She climbed slowly to 16 lbs 9 oz then lost steadily for a month back to 16 lbs flat. Two weeks ago she was up to 16 lbs 7 oz. But yesterday she was down to 16 lbs 3 oz.

I casually mentioned to a friend on Facebook that I should start mixing her baby food with olive oil. It was meant as a joke, but then I thought, "Why not?" So yesterday I mixed the oil into her jar of delicious Chiquita bananas and strawberries. She still ate it, so we'll see if any good comes.

Of course, it doesn't help that Bri doesn't eat when she's teething, and as mentioned above, our little vampiress has been teething since about the end of November.


Now, in homage to Facebook's never-ending 25 Things About Me, I'll list a few random "Bridgette-bits." Good thing it's National Square-Root Day:

1. When she's tired, Bridgette jams her thumbs in her ears and twists them until they bleed. Sharp little nails. Tender little ears.

2. I think Bri tries to communicate with the dogs by coughing. It's as close as she can get to a bark.

3. Bridgette doesn't babble with normal consonant sounds. She talks to us by blowing raspberries, grunting, yelling, and laughing. She very rarely cries. If she cries, I know something is really, really wrong.

4. At this very moment, Bridgette is out in the living room playing with her very own ergonomic keyboard. Good thing Daddy's a computer guy with hardware to spare.

5. Bri easily learned to remove her own bib. She also regularly undoes the Velcro on her diaper.


So, I'll put the photos below and end with a slide-show that won't be added until tonight... because Daddy-the-Computer-Guy is at work.

We went to visit our neighbor, Della, who has a home beautifully arranged in yellow and blue. So Bri came prepared in my favorite yellow and blue outfit. The button bow was made by my Mom and features Peter Rabbit.

Della was so cute with Bridgette and thoughtfully suggested several splendid places for photos. She even provided a handmade baby doll dressed in yellow. You'll have to watch the slide show to see the Bridgette/doll interaction.

It was a dreadfully cold day and we walked through a delicate snowfall to get to Della's. This is how Bri and I packed up.

And this is how Bri fell asleep on the walk home.

Valentine's Day! Grandma Johnson watched Bridgette while Jeff and I went on a daytime date. Bri and I were happy to be reunited.

Here is yet another surprising example of my dogs sharing toys and playtime with Bridgette. Usually it's Piper that shares toys. I guess Chewy was feeling lonely.

This was one of those instances when Bridgette actually cried. Once we saw she was not in mortal peril, we took a picture before rescuing her. We only recently stopped swaddling her. I guess no one is sure how to deal with that.


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Anonymous said...

Great Grandma Hoose really enjoyed the photos you sent in your valentine - she chuckled through all of them. I know she'll enjoy these too!


Heidi said...

Just wait until Bri actually knows that the keyboard makes the computer do stuff! You'll never be able to work on the computer uninterrupted again and she'll show you all sorts of keyboard-shortcuts you didn't know existed! :)

Angela said...

Isabella LOVES to remove her bib. The over the head ones aren't working as well either.
Yes you should get a Wii, they are so much fun! We've lost some weight on wii fit and we have had more time with each other due to the Wii. It has saved our marriage. :-) JK!
I sure hope Bridgette stops teething soon, so she can gain some weight.

Jacqueline Miller said...

Mason used to take off his bibs too - I'm glad that Max hasn't quite figured that out yet, though he's sure finding other ways to get into trouble.

Thanks for "plugging" my blog - I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new post, Kelly. I have been anxiously awaiting it.

I love the pictures and thanks for having a sense of humor (blanket over the face picture, for example). I would like to see a vampire photo - four teeth, already?

Love you,

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Oh my cuteness! She's soooo cute! I love the yellow and blue outfit. Your neighbor looks like a fun person to visit and that was very sweet of her to pull out a doll.

I get a kick out of the coughing or "dog barking" to communicate with the dogs. She's a clever gal.

There must be something with the Bri name b/c our Brielle is a very easy going girl who doesn't really cry.

Oh, I love how you bundled her up in your coat. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

PS - I'm calling your bluff on National Square Root Day. I actually looked it up. The next square root day (which is not a National anything) isn't until 3 March 2009. You're early!

Love ya,

theJerm said...

What a tiny vampire

Tami's Eclectic Corner said...

Hi! I found your blog doing an ostomy search on google! We have 2children with Hirschsprung's Disease. We were up at PCMC and Dr. Black has been our surgeon with both of our children. Small world!! How are you doing? It's not an easy road to go down sometimes. I hope you don't mind me reading your blog. Your ostomy advice is great. I'm totally going to try it with my 2 1/2 year old. Can you believe it took them this long to diagnose it? It's a long story. I'd love to swap stories. You are the first family I've found in Utah. I know there are lots of others but I haven't been able to find any. Thanks again. Hope to hear from you. Tami ([email protected])

Anonymous said...

What adorable photos! I love the one of her with keyboard! Too funny!