Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The title says it all, really. Bridgette is sleeping again. Sleeping through the night. Taking two naps a day. We had forgotten what it's like to have a baby who sleeps.

I set her on the bed and went to get my pump gear. I guess she was mighty tired. Of course, we know a little how she felt. After a second bout with months of no sleep, Jeff and I have been enjoying our extra shut-eye too. A couple of nights ago we went to bed at 9:30 p.m. Unprecendented.

We think she's sleeping again because she's eating again. We think she's eating again because all 6 teeth that decided to come in at the same time are just about here. Her two front teeth on top have yet to prick the surface, but we can see them under her gums. So, maybe she's not such a bad teether after all. Maybe she just had six teething teeth to endure at once.

Jeff was putting her down one night and called me in to witness this precious moment. She was so tuckered she couldn't even finish her bottle.

If you can believe it, those were really the only photos we took this week.

The best news comes my way this round. I participated in the first planning meeting for a big mock disaster drill (operational exercise) I'm helping to organize, and it went really well. Participating agencies include fire, police, Red Cross, Timp Hospital, LDS church, Southern Baptist church, city planners from multiple jurisdictions, special response team for HAZMAT, Community Emergency Response Teams, State and Utah County Health Departments, and the Medical Reserve Corps (of which I am a member).

It will be a big show. It's like directing a huge live theater production, complete with life-size props -- like ambulances, showers, tents, buses -- 200 actors, moulage make-up, costumes, catering, and port-a-potties. I'm really excited! This is the stuff of dream jobs.

Of course, the exercise itself isn't my graduate project... it is only a small piece of it. My project is to create an evaluation instrument, pilot test it on this exercise, and provide it for future MRC use. Actually, caveat. My project WILL be to create an evaluation instrument IF my committee approves my proposal next week.

We were glad to have President's Day as a holiday Monday. The whole family went store to store and filled in gaps in our emergency food storage. We finally bought a water purifier! Jeff was very helpful and baby was a good sport. She lost a sock in one of the stores, but someone chased us down to return it.


Anonymous said...

Cute, Kelly. I'm glad that you are all getting some sleep and back to some normalcy.

Congratulations on the beginnings of the project. Are you going to get to be the cruise director on this one? What a perfect fit for you.

Love you,

Lisa Merkley said...

Sleep is a good thing. Don't get too comfortable though. As soon as you think you are in a good routine, baby gets sick and it's all interrupted. Enjoy it while you can!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I didn't even think about how ya'll must not be getting sleep with all that teething going on. Bless her heart for having 6 at the same time. You know that's got to be rough.

What a cool project! It's so nice to get things ready for the emergency kit. We've got to go through ours and get it better prepared.

Jacqueline Miller said...

We're getting a surprising amount of sleep at my house too - so I know exactly how you feel. Let's enjoy it while we can (until the next tooth or sickness or other roadblock comes along :)