Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost no photos.

Yes, it's true. We made it through a week with almost no photos. Thank goodness for new outfits or the days would have expired camera dry.

Below is a photo of Jeff and Bri before church. J is wearing his March Madness tie and Bridgette's in her (new) sweet-cherry dress. Oh speaking of cherries! (Not really. Speaking of fruit.) Our apricot tree is blooming! I can see now why the kids' song exists. The apricot trees in Utah are the first trees to blossom in the spring.

I looked out the window and what did I see?
Popcorn popping on the apricot tree.
Spring has brought me such a nice surprise,
Popcorn popping right before my eyes.
I can take an armful and make a treat.
A popcorn ball that smells so sweet.
It wasn't really so, but it seemed to be
Popcorn popping on the apricot tree.

(Apricot tree not actually pictured.)

The week was busy but not too exciting which is why there weren't many photos. We managed to squeeze in a little more yardwork (followed by a treat at Baskin Robbins) before the snow hit Monday. Who knows, maybe it will be warm again by next weekend. Or maybe there will be more snow. Hard to predict.

Bridgette went to the doctor on Thursday about her extreme acidity. Her stoma had become very swollen and prolapsed, the stoma sores opened up, and her surrounding skin was being eaten up even more than usual. Now she's on a prescription antacid. We're hoping it helps her to be o.k. with Tummy Time and eating solids too, but the jury's still out.

In school news, my proposal passed, so I'm rushing to get everything done on my graduate project in the next three weeks. In fact, I've spent many hours already today and will spend many more this evening on project paperwork, scheduling, organizing, and interviewing. Writing this blog is my "break."

Also, I'm a TA for one of my professors which means I have the opportunity to teach classes at BYU from time to time. I really enjoy teaching a lot.

Yesterday I was able to teach my second ever graduate class - Health 606: Environmental Health Sciences. And...

...Bridgette came with me! Usually I find someone to watch her while I teach, but this time it didn't work out. It's easier to have her in class as a student than as a teacher, but we managed. Here we are on class day after we came home. Bri's wearing her (new) Easter overalls.

So I thought I would share two cute Bridgette-isms before signing off.

First, when she's thirsty, Bridgette looks directly at us, gulps and then gives us a breathy, "Aaaaah." She will do this over and over to make her point. It's excellent communication, really. We know exactly what she wants, and it's much better than whining or crying.

Second, at bedtime & naptime, Bridgette loves being tucked in. We lay her in her crib, and as soon as we pick up her blanket to stretch over her, she gets a big grin and wiggles all limbs. She grabs the blanket, pulls it up to her chin, licks it, then pulls it over her head. After a few seconds she brings it back down so that only her eyes show, and I swear they twinkle. A few moments later she pulls the blanket back under her chin and sucks on it in a lips-puckered-up, not slobbery way. And that is that. She falls asleep. No crying. She's just adorably happy with her blanket in her crib.


Heidi said...

What cute Bridgette-isms!

Kristin said...

I'm so glad you continue to blog. . . I love to keep up with your family, it makes me feel like I'm seeing you on a regular basis! Way to go on your project!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Wow, check ya'll out with your yardwork. we need to do some major yardwork and get a garden going. So far behind.

I'm glad it worked out with you taking her to teach. I can see how juggling a baby might make it more difficult but it looks like you did it.

That's great that she's communicating with you without crying. Oh, Brayden was a crier and it drove me crazy. Brielle communicates by sucking on her hands and starring at my chest when she's ready to eat. hahahaha

Oh, and I'm not saling the bows on a regular basis. I'm making some to sale at a school carnival. Matt's cousin's kids have a carnival in May.

Angela said...

What a cute description of Bri and her blanket.
You are one busy mama. Good luck with your graduate studies and such.
Bridgette must be really smart to figure out how to communicate with you like that. She may not be moving around yet, but she sure can 'talk'.
I hope this new medicine works for her. We are always praying for her and for you.
And yes, if you come to Disney we will be sure to meet up, the girls will have so much fun. And I know our husbands will too. I HAD to watch S.T. Nemisis with Aaron last night. He enjoyed it even with all of my questions.
Thanks for finding time to blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, again, for the post, Kelly. I watched and waited most of the day hoping it would be there.

Congratulations on the proposal passing, and good luck on actually completing the project on time. I know you have lots of work ahead of you. I also know that if anyone could accomplish it, you can.

Bridgette looks so adorable in her church outfit. She's growing up so much. Even if her weight gain is slow, she looks older and bigger. It's not every girl that can claim to have helped teach a graduate class at the university while still an infant, but she can!

I hope you can figure out the acidity and stoma problems before too long. We, too, pray for all of you regularly.

And, I love the Bridgette-isms. We can fully picture the breathy "Aaaaah" following a big gulp. From whom did she learn that? And I hope to see the tucking-in in person some day. Sounds like she falls asleep kissing the blanket. Does she have a favorite?

I love all of you lots.

Jacqueline Miller said...

I love the picture of baby and daddy. They have the exact same smile!

kelgrandy said...

We've enjoyed reading your recent posts and hope to continue reading future writings about your sweet daughter and husband. Bridgette is so cute! Keep celebrating the smile milestones! We have enjoyed the little little steps with our Ben so much more than we would have otherwise b/c they are so hard to reach!

Kelley and Scott Grandy

HeatherH said...

I love the Bridgette-isms! Way to go on the communication!

Chelsea said...

You know, you can always drop Babs at our house. That is, when we're not incubating germs which seems to be rarely.