Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Draper Temple

Our adventure this week was to attend the Draper Temple open house with Jeff's brother, Mark, and his sister, Sarah.

We began by making reservations for a specific day/time (it was a very popular open house). At the appointed time, we drove to a specific church house, parked in a specific parking lot (ours was the BLUE lot,) waited in the gym with a few hundred other people, got called out by the bus load (literally,) watched a short film about temples, then took a bus ride (on the BLUE bus) to the temple itself. This was all in the name of traffic control. Once there, it was a walking tour through all the beautiful rooms. You can read more about the temple and see photos of the inside/outside here.

Per usual, Bridgette got a lot of attention. Although there were quite a few kids, not too many people ventured to the temple with their babies strapped on. In fact, Bri got so much attention that she's been sick ever since! There were a lot of people, and she was in close contact with more than one soul. She came down with a cold, and now she has a deep, wet cough. Poor babs.

Here is Jeff pointing to the BLUE sign for the BLUE bus. They emphasized our color so much (I'm sure they had a lot of people get on the wrong bus and get lost) that it became a running gag in our group. Here also, you can witness Jeff's really great frog tie. The frog tongue extends about a foot if you pull it.

Most of my week was busy tending a sick baby, but on Saturday, the weather was beautiful, so we did some more yardwork. I tried planting two blueberry bushes which are 100% not indigenous to Utah. I understand they are difficult to keep alive here, so I put them in individual pots to attempt to control acidity. I also planted a potato. One measly potato. It's an experiment.

Bri came out and enjoyed the sunshine for about 1/2 an hour.

The dogs liked the new obstacle in the yard and spent many a happy minute lapping the playpen.

I know. This is an odd photo to post. But I like it. It was so sunshiny that every time I asked Bridgette to look up for a picture, she closed her eyes. We have a lot of these.

To get any open-eye shots, I had to drop the camera down into the pen.

That's really all we did this week. (Besides getting locked out of the house... see previous post.) On Friday, I actually requested from Jeff that we stay at home all weekend and do nothing but play cards. (We managed one game of cards, spread between three days.) Truthfully, I'm a bit worn out and my sociality factor has diminished. Never fear, Spring is on its way, and we'll all be out and about soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, last week I watched a news video clip on the internet in which the reporter stated that he went to Utah for an "unprecedented" tour of a temple. It was the Draper Temple open house. My, but things do get misunderstood. I hope it was a lovely "blue" day and tour.

We desperately need to do some yardwork. Want to come here and help? We are so far behind schedule, we could sure use some help.

Love you,

Kel said...

Unprecendented tour, eh? Well, unprecedented perhaps for that individual. The open house for the Draper temple went on for two months, and I think there were literally thousands of people from all regions/religions who went through every day.

Actually, I'll look it up... O.K. says here that "over 650,000 visitors have toured the building since it was opened in January."

The open house is over now, but there will be another soon for the Oquirrh Mountain temple here in Utah. I'm sure others will be happening elsewhere in the world.

Kel said...

p.s. -- I would like very much to help you with your yardwork, but I think you should come here instead and help with mine.

Angela said...

I love how you put her pants over the carrier.
That looks like a beautiful temple.
Also, the weather there looks gorgeous! Is it still really cold though? You are a Florida girl at heart. We are getting nice and toasty here. I got a sunburn yesterday. :-) And didn't even have to try!
No word from our surgeon today. They are waiting for another surgeon in another practice to call them back with his schedule. Seriously, this waiting game is annoying. But I think God is keeping my patience in check.
Thanks for all your prayers and we are praying for Bridgette and for y'all. So glad to have a friend who understands.

April said...

she looks so cute in the sunshine! Glad you enjoyed the open house!