Friday, March 27, 2009

Final Four

Here are our brackets, created many moons ago. You can tell because some of these teams are way gone. (Yeah, thanks a lot, Utah.) But we're being honest.

Kel's predictions:

Final Four -- Utah, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Xavier
Champion -- Connecticut

Jeff's predictions:

Final Four -- Michigan, Connecticut, North Carolina, Louisville
Champion -- Louisville


Anonymous said...

Mine were: Chattanooga, Wake Forest, Clemson, and Pittsburgh - most gone in the first game. Hang in there Pittsburgh! However, given that I know nothing about basketball and picked those teams because I liked their names, I shouldn't expect to do any better.

Dad's were: Michigan State, Duke, North Carolina, and Connecticut. He says Connecticut will win, even though he's thinking North Carolina. I guess he'd be happy with either one.

Enjoy the games.

I hope you get your package from us. I tracked it and it left Salt Lake today at 6:00PM. It shouldn't take until Monday to arrive at your house from SLC, especially since it took less than 24 hours to go from Midland, to Dallas, to Louiville, to SLC. I hope they work on Saturday.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Dad says what I wrote is not accurate. He says, "I'm thinking Connecticut, but I'm feeling North Carolina." Consider my previous comment corrected.