Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Square Root Day 3.3.09

Mom called it. Last week I said it was National Square Root Day. I lied. But today IS a real square root day, and math fans everywhere have waited 5 years for this momentous occasion. How are you celebrating square root day? We're thinking of eating square pizza.

The photo below shows off our mountain. I took this while picking Jeff up from work this week; it's the view from his building, and I thought the lighting was exquisite. In real life the shadows were much deeper, but without taking the time to change shutter exposure, this is what I got.

There is a legend that Timpanogos was named for an Indian maiden who died of grief after her lover was killed, since the top (if you look JUST right) resembles the profile of a sleeping woman.

Of course, Timp is a lot of people's mountain. We live a bit left of the frame, near the base. Timp is the second highest mountain in Utah. It is 300 million years old and graciously hosted many Olympic events a few years ago. It currently hosts Robert Redford's famous Sundance Resort/Film Festival. It has a delicate mountain ecosystem including a cave I've always wanted to tour. As a hiker of Mt. Timp (yes, I have been to the tippy-top), the word delicate reminds me of my run-in with a family of bull moose on a dusky return a few years back. Those extremely large, and might I add frighteningly agile, mammals didn't seem too delicate to me.

In family news, Bridgette is not only sleeping again but also gaining weight and growing. She was about 17 1/2 lbs yesterday and appears to have grown 1/2 an inch in the last week. At this rate, we are hopeful to have her pull-thru operation in May.

I would like to have my knee surgery at least several weeks before her surgery, but that's where everything gets iffy. We have so much to schedule in such a short period of time. We wish for her to be finished with surgery, healed, and ready to travel to Ohio in late summer to finally meet her extended family! We'd like to correlate the trip with a Hirschsprung's awareness event we think will be scheduled in Cleveland in August.

Here is Bridgette with Dad's shoe... which is about the same size as her. Jeff set her here prior to church, and I was a bit surprised to see her strength as she wielded the shoe with apparent ease. Then sucked on it. Ewww.

If this isn't the cutest picture on earth, I don't know what is. Well, o.k. It's just that I happen to love these two people very much. It clouds my objectivity. Look carefully, and you can see three of Bridgette's teeth.

A couple more sleeping shots because... have I mentioned she's sleeping? And how better to sleep than first to be fed, kissed, and left alone, surrounded by your toys.

Umm... a little boring. But I like her. So here's a shot of Bridgette sleeping in the car. I took this immediately after the mountain posed for me.

And here is Bri with the Cat in the Hat. Picture #1 is obviously unnatural. Getting both faces looking towards me took multiple tries and resulted in a lot of funny photos. In picture #2 you will see Bridgette showing off her favorite part of every stuffed animal.

To herald my favorite time of year, I did some yardwork Saturday. Yes, it was still too cold. No, I didn't need to do it so early. But the sun was out, the trees were barely budding, and my soul woke up with the rest of the herbacious world. Then I hacked at the herbacious world so it wouldn't take over my house.

Bridgette joined me for a few minutes (it really was too cold), and we tried out our new carrying system. It got four thumbs up for overall convenience and comfort. We were even able to slip her pants over the whole contraption. I will say, however, that after a short time my back really started to hurt... and I was reminded why a 10 month pregnancy is truly ineffable.

Last, here we are at Grandma & Grandpa Johnson's home for a family dinner Sunday night. The Johnson cousins were all there, and Bridgette got plenty of attention, especially from Tyler, Ellie, and Lili. Lili was very loving and regularly checked on Bridgette while she was sleeping to be sure she was happy. Bri got a lot of Lili kisses, and a few hugs.

Ellie got a really big Lili hug that lasted until the moment overcame them and they fell into the couch.

And with that cuteness, I sign off.

Until next week!


Heidi said...

Those are such cute pictures!

I grew up being told the "legend" of the Timpanogos princess. Can you imagine my disappointment when I learned that it was actually made up by a professor at BYU? :(

I still look for her silhouette, though, when I look at Timp. :)

Anonymous said...

I begin my week checking out Bridgette and catching up on what she's been doing. Our family dinner WAS fun as we had everyone there (except Sarah's husband). We were all well finally so Bridgette joined us and all the little cousins interacted, even if it was a lot of silent careful kisses by Lili while Bridgette slept. She took it all in and soon sat right up to see what was going on. Don't know where Matthew went. I can just see the five little cousins chasing around. At 1 1/2 he doesn't understand all that 'girl' stuff, escept I did see him sucking on the doll bottle!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I really do know how to spell except. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I love it, Kelly.

So glad to hear that Bri is growing (weight and length) and sleeping again. Let us hope it was simply the teething issue that caused her not to.

So, I am going to a funeral for square root day - no connection - I know. Perhaps we should invent a nonsequitur day and celebrate by doing things utterly nonsensical the whole day.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

PS - In the photo of Bridgette and Jeff at church, their clothes match. Did Jeff do that on purpose? How cute.


Kel said...

Thanks for your comment, Mom Johnson! It's good to hear from you! It was great to have the family together for the first time in a long time. Too bad Jacob and Brenda couldn't attend. In a family so large, it almost seems impossible to have every member at any given event. Get better soon Brenda!

To my own Mom -- Yes, Bridgette and Jeff did match on Sunday. And yes it was on purpose. But it was my specific request that coordinated them so thoughtfully. Jeff was planning to wear his frog tie - the one where the frog's tongue can get longer or shorter to eat the fly. It's a kick with kids.

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Thanks for sharing "square root day"! We'll have to do something fun and post it. I like the square pizza idea. Hmmmm...I'm thinking.

Yeah, I like the baby slings but holy cow, my little girl was 13 lbs at 2months. I can't really carry her around too much without it breaking my back.

Precious pics of her...as always!

Angela said...

please tell me more about this HD awareness group in Ohio.

Marilyn said...

I hope the whole sucking on a shoe thing doesn't fore-shadow a whole obsession with shoes. That could get expensive.