Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A weekend in the life...

Our week was somewhat typical, filled to overflowing with baby-care, baby-play, project/proposal work, fieldwork, work-work and a little MacGyver.

Our weekend was more eventful than typical because we managed to get out of the house more than once.

Friday: Mmm... date night with mom and dad. I'd like a spring roll and chow mein noodles please. Or... maybe just some bananas and milk.

Jeff's Fortune Cookie:
You will be traveling and coming into a fortune.
Kelly's Fortune Cookie:
This year your highest priority will be your family.
Bri's Fortune Cookie:
Focus on the color yellow tomorrow for good luck!

Saturday: Bridgette woke up Saturday morning with a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig wafer leak, so we started with a bath and bag change.

We took the cookie manufacturers at their word and dressed Bri in yellow. She certainly seemed happy at breakfast... until we tried to feed her. She's teething again. Still.

Her lucky yellow outfit certainly attracted a lot of attention at Home Depot, where I guess the employees don't see too many babies out picking up rubber mallets and paint supplies. Oh. Or helping choose a frost-free freezer! We're excited about that one. Soon those Costco purchases will have somewhere to live.

Bridgette's lucky day continued into the evening when she got to join us for weekend date #2, our first and last BYU sports outting since I've been back at BYU. We saw the Cougars play Air Force. BYU barely won. Although we clenched a three-way conference first-place tie, it may have been one of the lowest scoring games in collegiate history. I think we can safely attribute the win to Bridgette's lucky yellow outfit. It certainly wasn't the Coug's steady shooting.

Bridgette behaved well during the game, considering tip-off was at a precise intersect with bedtime. She was enthralled with basketball, amused by the crowd, fascinated by the Cougarettes and disinterested in all things cheerleading. Pretty much my daughter.

I was lucky to get this BYU three on camera, mostly because it actually sunk. Such a rarity that night.

Sunday: On Sunday, careful observers will note the yellow outfit under Bri's blue dress. We weren't really focusing on luck anymore, but we were a little lazy.

In case you're interested, Bridgette decided to start talking on Sunday. Talking should probably be written as "talking," but still, it was a sudden change from grunts and yells to slightly recognizable babble. We were on our way to our friends' home Sunday to play a silly game called Quelf (which we highly suggest to all those who love party games) when Bridgette busts out with, "Dad-Dad-Daddy!" Should've seen Jeff's face! If we'd gotten a photo, it would've received a post to itself.

Speaking of talking, I've noticed we call Bridgette almost everything but her name. She has nicknames galore:

Baby Girl
Sweet Face
Sweet Muffin
The Little Girl
Munchkin Face
Sillysaurus Rex
Precious Monkey
Fussers Johnson
Miss Crabby Pants
The Stout Little Woman

I wonder how long it will take her to learn her own name. We're so inconsistent.


Jeff Johnson said...

Nice blog Kel. You are the cutest ever!

JulieAnn said...

Cora is just now learning her name. If you asked her before, she would say her name is Baby. Now she says Cowa.

Tammy and Alvin said...

With all the cute pictures you post of the girl with many names, it's hard to believe you when you talk about her teething, etc.

Instead of Miss Crabby Pants, our youngest gets called Mr. Grumpy Pants (or just Grump), which made me wonder why do we blame the pants? Why not the shirt? Or the socks?

Good job getting out while your kid is still portable and free, and thanks for supporting BYU. Really, if they had lost to Air Force it would have been a disaster.


Kel said...


Your pants question is an excellent one, especially since Bri is sans pants 99% of the time.

I'm glad pants have no say in the matter though. I'd hate to see the pants of the world become offended and go on strike.

123 checkoutourfamily said...

What a cutie...as always. I love the home depot pic. the expression on her face is priceless. Dad's love home depot. We have one of those too. :)

I love the hooded towel. I just love putting them in hooded towels. Lucky ya'll for 2 dates in a row. Wow, awesome! I get to babysit back-to-back. Yeehaw!

Anonymous said...

I loooooove reading your blog. So upbeat and fun. And the comments - they can be even better.

Thanks everyone.


Anonymous said...

PS - Congratulations on the freezer!


Jacqueline Miller said...

Hey, I have a pumpkin/munchkin/mr. crabby pants, too! My son Mason used to respond to "Baby" so I had to start calling him "Mason Baby" so he learned his name! Glad to see that your beautiful girl is doing so well - I can tell she's growing and gaining weight - she looks great!

Lisa Merkley said...

I wanna know...which grandma gave Bri the onesie she was wearing in that first picture?!?!

HeatherH said...

She really is a doll and we wonder the same thing about Ellie. Her full name is Elisia and we never use it. However, thanks to Diego's sister Alicia, Ellie can now say her own name! ha ha

Kelly said...

Macgyver....we have every episode ever made. Maybe we should have a Macgyver party!