Wednesday, April 8, 2009

9 Months Today!

Bridgette got a real bath Monday night. She didn't cry, but she was stiff as a board, nervous about the water. I gave her bath toys, a whole horde of floating sea animals. I'm not sure how, but she managed to scoop every one of them into her arms and refused to let go. They were her solace in a time of need. It was truly cute.

At Bri's 9 month appointment this morning, we found out she is 17 lbs 13 oz (45%) and 27.5" (50%). She finally got her 2nd HiB vaccine due to the national shortage.

Here is Bridgette in a box with hangers. Very fun.

Thursday was again our busiest day: Drop Bri off with cohort friends at school at 9 a.m. Conduct an interview. 10:30 a.m., pick Bri up. Thanks, friends!

11 a.m. - Tour all sites for mock disaster. Here are two of our 5 sites -- 1) the hospital where we will have incident command, two triage units, and a decon corridor, and 2) the apartments where search and rescue will take place. Follow up tour by conducting two more interviews.

Piper also went to the groomers on Thursday, so here she is all trimmed and girly.

Bridgette and Chewy attempt to sit together.

Piper and Bridgette attempt to sit together. Piper sniffs Bridgette's cupcake.

Ended Thursday with a class on pandemic flu and the reward of attending the last BYU volleyball game of the season, the first volleyball game I've seen since being back at BYU, and a great match against #1 U.C. Irvine -- which we won. Got home very late, pumped for an hour, completed busy day.

Bri is wrapped in Gramma's hug.

Hard to have too many pics of a baby with technology.

Here's Bri after dinner at Fuddrucker's and pre-bag change. She got a lot of "awwwww" at the restaurant. Tiny kid, big balloon.

Veeeery sleepy. Not happy to show off cute bedtime duck pajamas.

General Conference weekend a lot of people come to town for reunions. Mindy traveled from Seattle, and we got to spend an evening together. We met in a Hebrew class in 1999 and traveled in the Near East back in 2000. Oh, we then later met up in the Czech Republic in 2003. I had forgotten about that.

Here is ye olde MPH cohort hanging out at my house Sunday night. (Minus Ryan and Emily, who we very much missed.) I did a very bad job trying to Photoshop a curtain over the window to cover the annoying flash reflection.

Please see two upper teeth, entering mouth in a strange, strange order.

We visited our neighborhood friend, Della, yesterday. She had a rough weekend, and it was good to see her up and kicking. She got this tiny antique chair for Bridgette to sit on.

Here is Bridgette's new favorite noise. I like the way she's looks around at the world.


Angela said...

The rolls on her arms are too much!

Anonymous said...

"Yes, I love technology
but not as much as you, you see.
But still I love technology
Always and forever."
-Kip Dynamite

"A baby with technology" - love it.

I was surprised to see the shoulders, but happy to see that Bridgette still looks well nourished. Love the new noise, and I can just imagine her in the bath hording the toys. How cute.

What a fun and busy week.

All wrapped up in Gramma's hug, to keep her warm? Wish it could be for real.

Love you all (note: not ya'll),
Mom (Gramma)

Kel said...

Yes, for being in the 45th percentile on weight, she sure does store it well.

Lisa Merkley said...

Cute spitting noises. Sarah makes the same one. I love it!

Heidi said...

Bath time is always fun to watch and chatter is always fun to listen to!

And look at Jeff! He looks like he's lost more weight. He's going to start giving Jer a run for his money. Good job! :D

theJerm said...

What a cute, TINY baby.