Sunday, April 12, 2009

Surprise! It's the Easter post!

We took a "few" obligatory First Easter photos. And when it's the first of any holiday, "First" is capitalized and "few" is in quotes.

These beauties simply couldn't wait until later to be posted. Also, on every other day/evening this week I will be frenetically finishing my project. So, it's now or never!

To begin, the non-Easter specials. Because this post-bath photo is beyond cute.

This was taken on April 8th, Bridgette's actual 9-month birth anniversary. Happy 9 months on planet Earth, Little Person!

Bridgette and I are showing off our new t's. Bridgette's says, "Snappy Dresser."

And here we are Easter morning! (Umm... that would be today.) This was Bri's introduction to her Easter basket. She dug right in, grabbed two items at a time, examined them (one in each hand), smashed them together repeatedly, then threw them to the side. This process looped until the basket was empty, at which point she found the tag on the basket and played with that.

Chewy thought her bunny ears were pretty funny.

Ok. If she doesn't look like the Easter bunny in this photo, complete with bottom chompers, I don't know who does. Well, assuming you forget all the parts of her that look like a human baby. And also pretend the ears aren't purple.

Here Jeff and the pups take a break from searching for hidden eggs. Such fluid motion, forever frozen in semi-awkward looking positions.

We joined the whole Johnson Clan for an egg-hunt and Easter meal at Uncle Paul & Aunt Brenda's house. Bridgette wore both her ears and her rabbit sweater, perfect for the season.

Bri participated in the egg-hunt too. She found one egg that was conveniently located right in front of her, as well as a few sticks and grass fronds.

We're not sure exactly who was sharing with/taking from whom here. All we know is that no one cried, so the exchange was a success.

Aunt Brenda with three of the cousins: Tyler, Sammie, and Lili.

Grandma J. held and fed Bridgette while Jeff and I had lunch. It was great, and kind of weird, not having to worry about her while we ate.

In this photo, our baby is showing her love for Aunt Brenda by attempting to devour a plastic spoon.

Video Gallery Galore:

1) Here is a video compilation called, "Fun with Bunny Ears."

2) This is video of Bridgette opening Gramma Hoose's musical card for the first time.

3) Here is video of cousin Tyler making Bridgette laugh.

4) A short clip of the egg hunt, posted primarily for direct-relations.

5) My personal favorite, "The Muppet Show."

6) Lastly, a quick taste of Piper's birthday party.


Paul said...

Love it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think that she's not too sure about the musical card. Hope she ends up finding it fun to open and close on her own.

Happy Easter everyone!


123 checkoutourfamily said...

Looks like Easter was fun. I have Brayden on my lap as I read your post and watched the videos. I think his favorites were Bri laughing (so cute and very contagious) and the dogs eating. He loves dogs so he wanted to watch that one again.

kelgrandy said...

LOVE! the photo w/ her ears and two bottom teeth. What an Easter classic. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures.

Kelly said...

Okay Kelly, the bath picture has to be the cutest one yet. Love the rabbit ears. I just spit out my drink when I saw Tyler wearing them. How funny. You always seem to catch the best moments! Good luck this week with all of your work! You can do it.....

HeatherH said...

I loved the musi-card video! So funny and cute!