Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To Dote

-- verb [doht]
1. to bestow or express excessive love or fondness habitually (usually fol. by on or upon). Ex: The grandmothers doted upon the baby.

This week Bridgette received grandmother gifts. Ma Johnson gave Bridgette the button-heart arrangement pictured above as well as a toy cell phone that has snuck into a certain Easter basket for later delivery. Gramma Hoose sewed her the"hug" that's surrounding her and sent clothes you will no doubt see in many future photos.

Mom is a bit cheaper. I gave her a spoon.

What a week!
(Bet that's not the last time I'll use those words.)

Bridgette joined me for a full day of operational-exercise planning at the Utah County Health Department on Thursday. She was pretty well-behaved given the lack of nap time. The exercise is coming together well. We will have close to 200 responders and about 100 volunteer victims, complete with moulage wounds.

The exercise has been officially dubbed Shake, Rattle, & Roll, and will simulate an earthquake and train tanker chemical spill. The media is already knocking at the door, and the pieces are falling into place. Rather, the pieces are being carefully placed into interlocking positions... except for a few... which fall. Clunk.

This week the big news is that we now have Port-a-Potties, UTA buses, and the ability to feed 400 people lunch. Also, people around the U.S. are actually letting me interview them to generate feedback for my MRC evaluation toolkit. Yeehaw.

Here's the planning team! Pictured from left:
Amy, Kelly & friend, Jan.

When we arrived home from the UCHD Thursday, we got to watch Jeff's twin's little one, Ellie. We decided the best descriptive word for her is "random." Walk one way. Change direction. Purposely smash head into couch. Pick something up. Put it in pants. Change direction. Repeat. It's fascinating to watch the cogs turn. She learned the word "Plus" and "Giraffe" while at our house. And we worked on sharing. It was cute to watch she and Bridgette interact.

Also, Ellie calls Bri "The Bridgette." Always with a "The."

Here the little people are examining Candy Land cards. Ellie was pretty good about matching the colors on the cards to the colors on the board. Bridgette was pretty good at staring at the cards before eating them.

On Saturday morning we had professional photographs taken down at a studio. This picture is not one of them. However, this is one of Bridgette's professional photograph outfits. I know. It's kind of funny. We had her in her ubiquitous onesie, but also wanted to memorialize her Life Flight 24/7 t-shirt now that it actually fits her.

Saturday night/Sunday morning we were hit by a whopper of a wind storm that kept everything rattling, no one sleeping, and a lot of stuff knocked over the next morning: trash cans, swingsets, trees, stop signs, fences. I was on dog-rescue patrol Sunday because so many well-tended, tagged & loved pups had escaped through newly holed fences.

Eventually, the wind delivered a new sheet of white. It melted off yesterday but was back today -- Mother Nature's personal April Fool's joke.

Sunday included a number of church related activities and a nice dinner at Jeff's sister's home with cousins Lili and Sammie who were as lovely and loving as ever.

Here is our house in the Spring. Does this look familiar? Something like... I don't know... our house during Fall & Winter?

The last three days have been nothing but schoolwork for me. I'm trying really hard only to work on the computer while babs sleeps so that I can spend full awake hours playing with her. Therein lies the great blog conundrum! Do I take the time to write during one of these precious breaks? The answer, it would seem, is yes. I ask myself, when I look back in 6 months, will I wish I had done more schoolwork or more blogging? The answer is probably neither. Yet, here we are.

This is great video of Ellie dancing. We have an electric Yamaha Clavinova with pre-programmed demos for each of the instrument buttons. Here you witness the end of "Church Organ" and her groovy moves to "Jazz Organ." Sorry it's a bit bouncy. I was contending with the 3 animals leaning against me while filming... and also, I was laughing:

Here is video of Bridgette playing with her "hug." She liked pushing the nubbins on the soft fabric, stroking the satin, and playing the... no, I'll give you one guess. Here's the hint: It's her favorite part of every toy and rhymes with "hag":

Lastly, here is video I know will make some of you cringe. And some of you will think unpleasant things about our beloved pups. But, the truth is that this is how dogs play, mine included. Yes, they really are playing. We think it's hilarious & cute. Also, we think it's active and bonding, and we're glad they still do this after so many years.


Anonymous said...

To dote, or not to dote, that is the question...

The answer - DOTE!! There really was never any question. (BTW - I loved watching "The" Bridgette stroke the satin of the "Hug" with her foot.)

And, go Ellie! You've definitely got the beat.

I am excited for you with the progress on your project. Don't forget to take some pictures of Bridgette in relation to her "First Disaster Drill" for her scrapbook pages.


Angela said...

I love the videos. I too liked how Bridgette stroked the satin with her foot. And you can tell she is trying to figure out that camera.
Good luck with your project!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Definitely dote! She's so cute! I love how she likes to look at and eat the cards. I mean, can you blame her? hahaha

wow, your project sounds like it's getting a lot of publicity. I'm still impressed with your double duty time: school and mommy.

I love the videos. The HUG is cute! It looks like a bobby pillow with claws. :) Bri's little face is absolutely adorable as she tries to attack the camera.

We use to take my grandmother's dogs and bump them into each other to get them to fight. She would have never believed they were just playing :) hehehe

theJerm said...

Two cute, tiny babies!

Megan said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Ya I looked long and hard for that diagram! Its perfect! By double barreled stoma, do you mean, they pulled a piece of his small intestines through his tummy wall, cut it(but not all the way through) and had 2 openings? Thats how they did Deacon's. How old is Bridgette? She is soo cute! I would love for you to email me your full story and I want to post it on my blog with your name and blog on it! I need as many different stories as possible!

April said...

She is SO cute! Love the video clips!