Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Months Today

Happy 10 months of being baby, Baby!

It's hard to believe Bridgette's been in this world longer than she was in my tummy. I hope she's had a good life so far. Every little milestone (and I do mean the tiniest ones) make me reflect how we're doing as parents and how we could do better. I sure am glad this little person lives with us. She's cute.

Here's a little interview I recorded earlier today, before I put Bri down for her morning nap.

Me: "Hey there, Sweet Monkey. Would you like to tell everyone about your new skills?"

Bridgette: "Sure Mom. You know, I understand more words every day, so I like to try to associate repetitive actions with their corresponding terms."

"Here are some of my favorites:

"When you say 'Bonk,' I bash MY forehead really hard against YOUR forehead. Bonk. Bonk. Bonk. I think this is very amusing. Don't you? I can tell you do because you're laughing.

"When you say 'Clap,' I look at you funny. But I know what it means and clap as soon as you turn your back.

"When you say 'Stand,' I get really mad. I'll do it because you make me, but I don't like it one bit. Who wants to stand up when I can sit lazily on my butt all day? It's so much work.

"When you say 'Wooooo!' I get flipped over backward, and all I can think is 'Again! Again!' If I lean my head back, you know what I want. You're pretty smart.

"When you say 'Swallow!' I have no idea what you're saying really, but it startles me so badly that I stop choking and swallow my food. Eating is such a hassle. I may have a good pincer grip, and I may even feed myself Cheerios, but swallowing? What a nuisance.

"When you say 'Dad-Dad-Daddy,' I say, 'Dad-Dad-Daddy' too. I'm not sure what it means exactly, but it sure makes that big man with the beard smile!

"Oh, one more thing. When you lift me up to look in the mirror, I see how adorable I am, and I just have to wave hello to myself. You chubby-cheeked cherub you! You might mistake my self-salutation for well, ok, it looks like I'm swirling my wrist, but I assure you, I am communing with me. And I'm so worth it.

"Anything else Mom? No? Then can I have some 'ma?' I'm thirsty and need a bottle of 'ma' before my nap."

The photo below shows Bridgette in a classic "half-stand."

What do you know? The next photo documents an evening weigh-in, which means there was a little food in Ye Olde Tummy Shoppe, but here is proof that Bri is 19 lbs 2 oz-ish! Based on history, that means she will fluctuate between 18 and 20 for the next month or two.

For those who do not know, Bridgette's surgeon said she should come back to visit him once she weighed between 20-25 lbs. At that point he will determine whether her body is large enough for her second surgery. So even though she's a healthy-looking chubster (who, despite her rolls, is still under the 50% mark) we've been anxious for her to grow, grow, grow!

Here is the view from Bridgette's room. It's a nice expanse of lawn (unpictured), houses, lake, and mountain.

And this was one of those lucky priceless moments. The sun ducked a few seconds after I took this photo. Umm... it's priceless because that is her Daddy, not some random scary person in the shadow.

Heheh. The following photo was debatable for this post. It shows Bridgette's cute Sunday dress. And my (cute?) after-church loungewear.

And we'll end this session with some photos and video in a blue plastic tub. Because blue plastic tubs are lots of fun.


123 checkoutourfamily said...

oh my goodness...what a CUTIE! I love the conversation you had with Bri. Very creative :)

The video is adorable. I'll have to try a little box/tub when Brielle is big enough to sit. The ending with her big smile is a perfect note to end on.

I can't believe she's below the 50%mark with all those chubby rolls. I hope she'll get bigger fast so she can have her surgery.

Heidi said...

What cute pictures! And I thought you said she isn't a smiley baby! :P

Angela said...

Every month she gets cuter and cuter. Isabella has done better with eating after her pull thru. She's probably in the 19 to 20 lbs zone. She's actually getting some meat on her thighs. I sure hope Bridgette eats everything you give her in the next few weeks so you can have the surgery soon. We are praying for her.

Lisa Merkley said...

Um, in that picture of Bri by the window, did I count 5 (?!) rolls on her arms?! Now that's the Michelin Man if I ever saw one!

And Sarah plays the same head bonking game although she doesn't need me to say "Bonk" in order to do it. She also simulatneously graps my head with either hand and pulls them towards her while head butting me! I love it!

Tammy and Alvin said...

Adorable! She's such a good smiler. For your next post, I want to see video footage of the diving hack!

Love ya!

Chelsea said...

Really, she's below 50%? Max is only 19 lbs. 3 oz, so I'd say she's doing pretty darn fantastic! Cute, cute, cute--but you already knew that :)

HeatherH said...

Cute post!