Friday, May 1, 2009

On becoming shy.

With the disaster drill over, I don't know what to write. Although nothing "exciting" happened, I've been busy munging data 7 hours a day for the last week. (And neglecting my baby, until today when I gave us both a much needed break from work. See photos above).

Thursday morning I was in charge of the Shake, Rattle & Roll After Action Conference. All the disaster drill agencies came together to review evaluation recommendations, discuss lessons learned, and figure out how to implement corrective actions. I have run many meetings, but I was oddly nervous for this one. Fortunately, it went well. Nothing like a fake disaster to help you bond with the county's first responders.

Heidi (and Ellie) were kind enough to take Bridgette for the morning during my conference. Heidi captured these two great photos below.

We had a family dinner on Sunday at Kelly's house, and no, I am not speaking about myself in the third person. Jeff's brother Mark married a woman named Kelly, so there are two Kelly Johnson's in the immediate family. I am technically Kelly Johnson the 2nd, as they have been married longer. I've only known a few Kelly's my whole life, so it's funny to me that there are two Kelly Johnson's in the same family.

It was at this family gathering that Bridgette demonstrated shyness in the most darling, pitiful way. Being shy is new to her. She's been around lots of people from day 1, surrounded first for weeks at the hospital, then joining me at both school and work. Then, at a class reunion last Thursday before graduation, she bowed her head and hid her face when one of my friends said hello. She did it again at the family dinner. She was sitting alone, and with everyone watching her, she dropped her head and stared at the floor. "If I can't see them, they can't see me." It's cute and sad all at once.

Here she is with Uncle Paul after her shy-spell evaporated.

And honestly, I've been working so hard on evaluation reports that we didn't do anything fun until today when we went outside and ate sticks. Yum!

Chewy and Piper tended Bridgette while I pulled weeds in the garden. The photo of them below is one of my favorites of all time.

Bridgette's other front tooth broke through yesterday. Now she has three teeth up top, two on bottom. Oddly, her top teeth have come in right to left, not middle out.


Paul said...

Great pictures!! Be sure to send me the one of Bridgette and Paul.


Congrats on getting Chewy and Piper in the same picture, looking the same direction, with a great background!

Kelly said...

How sweet Kelly. I have a cute picture of her and Tyler when she is acting shy. I'll send it your way. Those are some awesome pictures of your disaster drill. From the looks of the pics, you did a fabulous job. Keep up the good work, I know you can do it!

theJerm said...

What a cute, tiny, shy, munchkin.

Lisa Merkley said...

Glad to see she still harbors those fat rolls. Is she gaining weight again?

And I love the new sidebar pics. Very nice.

Angela said...

The dog picture is so cute. And Bridgette's teeth are awesome. That's so strange how they are coming in.
Hope you get some fun time in soon.

kelgrandy said...

I love the top picture of her. You can see a little of the bashfullness you talked about and her eyes are so PRETTY!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

wow, two Kellys in the same that is something.

Oh, I love her rolls. She reminds me so much of my little Brielle. I just squeeze those cute little rolls and she loves it.

Brayden went through some stranger anxiety on and off. He did the same thing-looking at the floor. When he was bigger and walking, he would either bend down and play with his shoes or stare up at the ceiling. It's so funny!

April said...

I love her toothy smile! She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I hope she isn't shy with me the next time I see her!


Kel said...

She might be shy when next you see her, but it won't last long. She's a fairly friendly baby. She prefers people who aren't nervous around her. The more confident your interactions, the more confidently she responds.

We'll have some hours together before you watch her alone. Don't worry. She'll warm up.

Chelsea said...

Max is also going though social anxiety. And he HATES it when I hold other people's babies. Who knew he would be so possessive? But I can't wait to get together and play with Bri--she's ADORABLE!!!! I know her growth is probably always on your mind, but from my totally uninformed view, she looks happy, healthy and perfect!