Saturday, May 30, 2009

The "Almost" New Life

One week ago I turned in the first draft of my MPH project report, finished my fieldwork hours, completed my independent study course, and stopped pumping. So this week, I've finally had what I would call some normal days with Bridgette.

I didn't have to write anything more than a grocery list, so I didn't write blogs, didn't type reports, didn't even turn on my computer most days. I holed up and partook of some seriously fun home-time.

A few of our "normal life" activities:

-Visiting bookstores
-Buying books
-Reading, for fun!
-Star Trek movie with Jeff
-Pa Johnson's birthday party
-Sitting outside in the shade for hours
-Eating grass (I abstained)
-Visiting friends
-Exercising almost every day
-Cooking homemade yummies
-Eating out
-Playing the piano
-Going to the dentist for the first time in (guess)

And the best news of all? My graduate committee responded to my initial draft with positive feedback, suggesting I am ready to defend. Surprise of all surprises! So my defense date has been pushed up to June 16. I will still have to make post-defense corrections, scribe a fieldwork report, and fill out various forms before graduation in August, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the program.

In Bridgette news, she's feeding herself. Actually, except for bottles, she refuses to be fed in any other way. We're grateful for our foraging dogs who come running every time they hear the sound of Cheerios. Her favorite is when we plop half a banana on her high-chair tray. She emits a very loud laughing noise, known as "The Conquering Chortle," between each bite. She's also fond of green beans and chicken soup. Yes. You read correctly. She feeds herself chicken soup. With her fingers.

Here is the precious one, with a pink bow that did not last the night.

Bri and Jeff with Pa Johnson at his birthday dinner at Jim's Family Restaurant.

Playing Phase 10 outside with our friends the Read's. Bridgette was tuckered out and fell asleep in my arms. So rare.

I guess it was pink-baby week because we dressed her in this cute little number for church Sunday. She mostly left her hat on.

Some fellow Hirschsprung's friends were kind enough to send Bridgette a Taggies blanket. Which she loves. Those who have read the blog a while know that Bri is a big fan of all things "tag." The blankie is now on her my-favorite-toys list.

And she really loves this soccer ball too (pictured once before). Mostly she likes to slap it with her hands, but we're trying to teach her to roll it. Besides attempting to roll a ball, Bridgette now claps on command, raises her arms when you say, "Yay!" and she just started playing Peek-a-Boo yesterday, as shown in the bottom two pictures. She doesn't quite cover her eyes, but it's still pretty cute.

I think these two videos speak for themselves, but just in case, they are explicitly titled.

1) I-am-bouncing-on-Mom's-lap-and-giggling-because-it's-an-unusual-game-and-very-funny-and-also-I-get-a-kiss-from-Piper-when-I'm-upside-down.

2) I'm-playing-with-Dad-and-he's-trying-to-get-me-to-roll-the-ball-but-I-prefer-to-clap-and-put-my-arms-in-Yay!-position-and-try-my-luck-at-Peek-a-Boo.


Heidi said...

I know how much you're enjoying your school stuff and that you really don't want it to end, but isn't your defense on June 16 and not July 16??? Maybe I misunderstood? I just want to be able to celebrate your liberation sooner, I guess. :)

Kel said...

Right you are, Heidi! June 16th it is! I fixed it in the blog entry. :)

Anonymous said...

Yipee to everything!!

I am glad that the defense is June 16th instead of July 16th. I was thinking, "How in the world is she going to be able to defend two days after Bridgette's surgery?"

Looks like Bri's nearly outgrown the "I WANT TO PLAY TOO" onesie. Glad to see it posted on the blog.

Love you,

Angela said...

What an exciting week for you. I'm so happy to read that you will be done with school very soon. Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

P.S. That tag blanket is fantastic! What a good idea and what a nice person to send it to you!


123 checkoutourfamily said...

June 16th is an important day here-appt w/ the Neurosurgeon. We're soooo looking forward to it.

I'm so excited that you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Hooray!

Oh, the feeding themselves is the crazy stuff. Lucky you, you have some dogs to assist. So far, we're still trying to convince Brielle that baby food isn't so bad. :)

I Love the videos. She's so adorable and I think the happiest sound ever is a laughing baby. I think if I'm ever down, I should just listen to a laughing baby and it's a cure all.

HeatherH said...

Good job going to the dentist! I just went for the first time in 4 years. Troy also went (good for him; he hasn't been since before his mission!!). :)