Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Discovers Her Appetite

Baby Bridgette had one ounce of milk this afternoon from her bottle. It was nice to see her open wide and drink.

I am watching babe while Kel takes some time off to rest and have fun. Bridgette sure is a happy kid, she is always smiling or clapping. She even remained calm during her bath! The surgeon assistant stopped by tonight and thinks we are looking at Friday as a discharge day. We sure hope he is right!


Kel said...

REALLY??? She just needed a little force-feeding from Mommy followed up by Daddy's gentle touch?

See! I can't stay away from her, even when I'm away. Be there soon, hon. Thanks for the afternoon off.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I want to hear more; tell us all about it. How much has she drunk, and what finally enticed her? Was it her regular soy formula, the breast milk, rice milk? I'm so happy to hear it. Here's hoping that her appetite grows steadily and rapidly.

Love you,

Angela said...

So glad she drank for you! It's tough having to make your child eat, but ultimately you know she needs to and she will do better at home, so you do what you have to do. YOur good parents.
Oh, I have a theory, maybe she just wanted her Daddy. I mean Mom's are cool and all, but sometimes a girl just needs her Daddy to make things all better. Either way, she is drinking and that is a great thing.
Still praying for you guys, especially you and Jeff now. It's tough on Bridgette but I think it's harder on us parents.
Love to you all.
Oh and I do hope to meet you next year!!!! :-)

theJerm said...

Cool Brother. I look forward to her safe return. You guys are doing good.


April said...

WOW you've been on quite the journey! You're in my thoughts!.... I'm crossing my fingers that home is one the horizon!

Chelsea said...

Yay Friday! Just be sure to dodge Days of '47 parade traffic on your way home.