Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby goes home today! (with a caveat...)

If you are surprised by the title, you are no more surprised than me!

Dr. Black and his helper came in a few minutes ago, and here's a rundown of our conversation.

Dr. B: It's weird she's not eating. Do you think she would eat at home?

Me: I can't guarantee it, but I think so.

Dr. B: Has she ever had this problem before?

Me: Once. The last time she was here in the hospital. She refused to nurse. As soon as we got home she was fine.

Dr. B: She's not on any meds except for Tylenol every 12 hours. You can do that at home. Her wounds look good. All of her tests have come back negative. She just won't eat.

Me: Yeah, it's very frustrating. I don't understand it. I start out each attempted feed very gently and calmly and get progressively more upset as she won't eat.

Dr. B: Well, would you like to go home?

Me: (Eyebrows raise. Hopeful eyes ensue. Too timid to smile.)

Dr. B: We could wean her off the TPN and lipids, send you home with the PICC line still in, and if she doesn't eat or drink, bring her back on Saturday for more nutrition.

Me: Ok.

Dr. B: Have you ever placed a tube in her stomach? We'll send you home with one of those as well so you can force fluids if you need to.

Me: Ok. We can force her to eat by syringe too. We did last night.

Dr. B: Ah. You water-boarded her.

Me: It sure felt like it. None of us liked it.

Dr. B: We'll send you home tomorrow morning.

Me: (Timid smile ensues.)

Dr. B's helper, to Dr. B: Would you prefer tomorrow? or today? It would be easier today since tomorrow is a holiday.

(For you non-Utah people, July 24th is Pioneer Day here. A lot of companies, including Jeff's, give employees the day off. The hospital staff would be skeletal. Even our Croatian friend, Fadila, who cleans the room each day will not be here all weekend. She's very excited.)

Dr. B: Sure. Let's send her home today. Now you understand that if she doesn't eat, you might have to tube feed her which won't be pleasant for either of you. You measure the tube from her ear to her belly button then put it down her nose. If she continues not to eat, you will have to come back on Saturday.

Me: Alright. And if she does eat? Do we bring her back in to remove the PICC line?

Dr. B: Yes. Just take her in to the clinic. Be in touch with us about what's going on.

We discussed a few more details, and I was sure to ask for orders for an additional blood sample for the Johns Hopkins study in which we're participating (it's so hard to draw her blood, we want to do it with the PICC line in). But looks like we're trying an experiment and taking her home tonight! Yippee! I sure hope she eats because I really don't want to come back!


Angela said...

I don't know what time it is there, but I hope you are home and she is eating, playing with the dogs, and enjoying a bagless life. Still praying for y'all.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That's about all I can say, "WOW!"

And, I hope all goes well. Keep us posted.

Love you,

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Amanda said...

Yeah! Do you want anyone to bring in meals to you both?

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Sarah said...

Woo hoo!!!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

sounds like she likes home :). I'm glad ya'll get to go. I hope she'll start eating and recovering quickly. Ya'll will be in our prayers.