Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Snacks / Gram Leaves

Once again, we thank Mom/Gram for coming to help us with our little one in the hospital. She's flying home to Texas today. We had thought that Bridgette would be at home by the time Gram/Mom left, but we're glad that she's at least doing so much better. Mom/Gram has been a huge help and relief for us during Bridgette's stay, and we will miss her very much.

Gram/Mom and Bridgette spent many hours cuddling, including most of last night! :) Hope you can sleep on the plane!

Baby was able to sip 9 mL of grape flavored Pedialyte this morning, and she's kept it down as of noon. If she continues to keep clear liquids down today, she might be able to move to soy formula tomorrow.

Part of the problem with clear liquids is that Bridgette has always refused to drink anything but formula or water. And she's never really cared for water much either. They don't want to give her water on an empty stomach, so we're starting by feeding her liquids she typically refuses to drink anyway. And true to form, she is refusing them. They have a special grape flavored unction and added it to her plain Pedialyte, only because I mentioned she does like the taste of grape Tylenol. But she only nibbled at the 15 mL offered and mostly chewed on the bottle nipple.

Here she is sleeping with her legs crossed.

And here's baby today with her stomach pump out of her nose! YAY!!!


Joy said...

Sorry Grandma is leaving, but very happy to hear the baby is doing "well" hope that it continues. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Sarah said...

Give Bridgette my love and hugs and kisses. She is so precious!

Jacqueline Miller said...

So glad to hear that things are going better and she's finally getting a taste of something. So sweet of your mom to come and help out so much, too.

Jolea said...

Your mom is so wonderful and Bridgette was so blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother around for those hard days. I am glad that things are looking up. Hang in there.
Lole Jolea