Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby's in Surgery

Bridgette went in to surgery about 1/2 hour ago. Her anesthesiologist and surgeon met us outside the surgery room to answer any last minute questions and to reassure us that they'd take good care of our baby. I talked to Dr. Black about Bridgette's lack of mobility, and he suggested we get a complete neurological evaluation. He's also going to look around inside her for for any physical reasons that may have made it so painful for her to lay on her tummy.

We expect the surgery to take 3 to 4 1/2 hours, and we hope that we will get at least one update half-way through. They carried her into the surgery room in their arms, still gripping her "lovies."

Bridgette was noticeably tired this morning, but she was still such a good baby. She didn't cry at all except when they took a couple of blood samples. Her white blood cell count was high yesterday (probably from her immunizations on Friday), but they looked good today.

When she woke up, I did my very last bag change! She wore a cloth diaper around her tummy at night because she was still leaking out of both ends of her double-barreled stoma from her Go-Lightly and enema. Her skin was just too wet to attach a wafer. This morning her skin was pretty raw, so I went ahead and did one more bag to give her skin a couple of hours of protection and calm before surgery.

It's so different having this surgery than the one when she was born because she is significantly more lucid and can predict pain. She gives us pathetic "help me" looks when she's hurting and has even taken to gripping my fingers very tightly in her little fist. But she has spent most of the last day playing patiently (and watching more T.V. than she's ever seen in her life) and has even been smiley for the nurses.

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