Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Fun - Take 2

Thanks to everyone for taking photos for us and to Heidi for letting me take a few with your camera!

Usually, Ma Johnson provides the cake and ice-cream for each grandchild's first birthday, but in addition to her HD, we have discovered that Bridgette has some food allergies -- namely, dairy and eggs (so far). I found a recipe for egg free, dairy free, soy free cupcakes so that she could have a treat on her birthday, and Ma Johnson bought a cute princess cake for the rest of us to enjoy.

We had her party at a park down the street. The hill behind us provided loads of entertainment for all the kids. We had Subway sandwiches, chips, and cold water (yum!) not to mention the cake and ice-cream. Thanks to all the family and friends who came. We missed those of you who wanted to come but couldn't make it!

Sammie & Lili

Ellie (and both Grandpas in the background)

Singing happy birthday...

Her first taste of cake.

Bridgette was mostly mellow but not very happy during her party because she was pretty tired. (In fact, she almost fell asleep while we were opening presents.) This was a rare shot of her big grin.

Time for Daddy to clean her up!

She didn't like it one bit.

Bridgette enjoys her new gifts and has played with all of them at home since her party. Here she is reading a new texture book with members of the Bott family.

So, we were the last ones to leave the park, and when I got home, I found my parents and brother waiting outside our home. Amusingly, my brother had a key. He just forgot he had it, so they were stuck outside for a while.

Happy birthday, baby girl! Here is her first touch of cake.

And here were her last touches of cake. Despite the amount on her face, you can watch here what she actually did with it.


Tammy and Alvin said...

Fun! Wish we could have been there. Those cupcakes looked "delish"!

Angela said...

Oh my word adorable! I love the tiara, she is a little princess. Oh those food allergies. Hopefully she grows out of them?!?!