Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggety Dog

Bridgette is feeling much better today. All of her tests have returned showing no unusual trouble. Her potassium levels were low last night, unsurprisingly, but now that she's on TPN, they've gone back up this morning. She's still got a little bit of an unsolved temperature, but at least it's low-grade.

She still hasn't pooped again since that first day. The best explanation I've heard, which is still a bit of a guess on the part of the doctors, is that her terminal ileus woke up first and evacuated whatever had built up during surgery, including the blood that had collected from her staples, etc. That would explain why it looked brown. Her upper small intestine, including her duodenem and jejunem, may have still been asleep following anesthesia, and when we stopped pumping, it backed-up the bile that was being produced and dumped into her stomach. I can think of a few holes, or at least questions, concerning that theory, but whatever the case, we're just so pleased that things seem better.

The best news is that overnight the color of her bile became less dark green, and by morning, we were suctioning about 1/3 of the amount we were getting yesterday. We've been hearing constant gurgling and churning noises in her tummy, and that's also a good sign. This morning Dr. Black said that as long as she gets progressively better, even if it's slower than we first expected, we can consider that good news. He called the last 24 hours a "hiccup."

Here's a photo of Bridgette last night when Daddy came to relieve Mommy for the night.

And here's a photo of Bridgette this morning with less bile being pumped up. I haven't seen her toothy grin since before surgery day! Today she has been watching Playhouse Disney and clapping and smiling to the music. Even the housekeeper who came to clean our hospital room a few minutes ago took one look at her and said, "Oh good! Is she going home today?" Although the answer is no, we hope this good progress continues.

Gram is going to spend the whole afternoon and evening here with Bridgette so Jeff and I can go see Harry Potter, take a dip in the hotel pool, and maybe get a nap before I'm on for the night shift.


Paul said...

Great news!! So happy to see her sweet smiling face!!!

All's well with Chewy and Piper - they're crashed out on the floor behind me and Aeris is under my desk.

Hugs to all!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up after all that scary news and happy to see Bridgette looking more like herself. Also glad you're getting a little break.


Jacqueline Miller said...

That green bile vomit business is so scary and horrible. I'm glad things are looking better today - and she's even smiling! She's going to be one tough cookie :)

Jon Hoose said...

I was glad to see Bridgette's smile. I hope her recovery keeps getting better.


Chelsea said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're able to hold Bridgette! I was worried the PICC line would require her to stay put. I like the idea of a hiccup--onward and upward!

Unknown said...

She is such a beautiful baby! I can't imagine what you both have been through while trying to help your sweet little girl through this difficult time, but she couldn't have better parents than she has! Let us know if you need anything.

Angela said...

There's her smile! Glad things are improving.
Charles likes to sing the hot dog song. And now you've got it in my head!