Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence Day Fun

We had a great 4th of July weekend. Aunt Lynn (for whom Bridgette was named, Bridgette ClaraLynn Johnson) was able to fly in from Cleveland, and my parents came up from Texas. Here we are at a BBQ in our backyard.

On Independence Day we went to a parade in the morning. This float was entered by Primary Children's Medical Center, and since Bridgette is having surgery there next week, I took a picture.

My brother helped "fly" the American Eagle. He told us to look for him, "I'll be the one in the bright green shirt."

We went to see Singin' in the Rain at the Hale Center Theater on Monday night, so I included this photo from the parade too. We really liked the guy who played Cosmo (please see yellow arrow). He was very talented.

I got to print my own Declaration of Independence at the Crandall Printing Museum on a Benjamin Franklin press. I found it difficult to pull the lever as far as the expert encouraged me to do.

Bridgette and Lynn became fast friends. And Chewy did not miss out on the lovin'. We were so glad to have Lynn visit us.

My family all attended Stadium of Fire that night along with Jeff's sister, Karla. Jeff wore earplugs. He was smart. Not only were there two wild and crazy fireworks shows (including lots of fire in the stadium... thus the name), but we also saw the Jonas Brothers perform. It was noisy because almost 40,000 people were screaming like little girls between and during every song.

Here are a lot of performers. Performing.

The climax of the show was a reverential retirement (which means it was burned) of this gigantoid flag which has been used in the show for over 10 years. They normally unfurl it across the whole field. It was also flown during the SLC Olympics.

Lynn agreed that the show (and the little girls) ... (and the people who acted like little girls) were very loud.

Heidi and Jeremy were kind enough to watch Bridgette while we were at the show. Heidi took the next two shots which are simply adorable.

On Sunday we went on a picnic in the mountains. Bridgette was tuckered.

Here she is about to completely melt down.

Bri opened her birthday gift from Lynn on Monday morning. A Dress Me Emma doll! Bridgette likes it very much. She especially likes the bear. She tends to eat it. We had plenty of bear-munching photos from which to choose for this blog entry.

Monday night, as prehithertofore mentioned, we saw a delightful production. The production included real rain on stage. And since it was theater-in-the-round, the audience got quite wet. Highly amusing.

Little Bridgette with Aunt Lynn.

Eagle spinning & flapping, Stadium of Fire dancers (mostly kids), Jonas Bros screamers, and a short clip of fireworks to the tune of Defying Gravity.

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Tammy and Alvin said...

"prehithertofore"...Nice one! Isn't family great! I'm glad you've been able to spend so much time with everyone.