Monday, July 27, 2009

... Jiggety Jig

Today's assessment at Primary Children's:

Dr. Black seemed pleased with Bridgette's health, overall. He said, "Sick people look sick, and she doesn't look sick."

Her incision sites continue to heal without infection. He says he's seen worse bum rash from Hirschsprung's babies, and I believe him. I've seen photos. No one is thrilled with baby's fluid intake, but he concurred with me that we could do i.v. treatments at home and that she needn't be readmitted to the hospital. He also noted that baby doesn't appear to be dehydrated -- her mucus membranes are wet, her skin bounces back when pinched, her fontanels aren't sunk, etc. As a total colon HD kid, we've monitored these signs her whole life, so if she heads towards dehydration, we know for what to look.

I believe we will do transfusions of straight saline solution today and not TPN or lipids. We always thought her chub would come in handy around surgery time, and Dr. Black agrees. She's lost weight over the last two weeks (10 oz), but those of you who have seen her specialty-thighs and Pillsbury-arms know she can afford to feed off her fat for a little while. Them migrating whales. They've got a system.

Dr. Black seemed visibly relieved that some of her other symptoms (such as fever) have gone away too. I got the impression, however momentarily he let on, that he was more worried about the blood supply to her rectal cuff than his somewhat nonchalant discussion of it before had indicated. I thought her stool looked very bloody last night, but it may have been the cherries we fed her, or perhaps it was simply brown, like a normal person. Her stool changes color a lot, and today it was back to green and definitely no blood.

So, baby and I are home! She continues to ignore most food and drink (though she increases her total, but small, formula intake by 1/2 ounce daily), and an Intermountain Home Care nurse will be coming by later this evening to hook up some fluids to Bridgette's PICC line. In short, it may be slow, but she continues to progress.

We'll return to PCMC in two days for another assessment.


Anonymous said...

"Home again, home again..."

Let's just hope it doesn't become a long string of "home agains, home agains,..." before this recovery is over.

I am glad that things are improving, albeit slowly. I am happy that you will not have to give her more TPN or lipids. Will the home health care people teach you how to administer the saline through the PICC, or will they be responsible for the process from start to finish? And, I can't wait until things are good enough for that PICC line to be pulled once and for all.

Back to PCMC in two days? You will know that route well enough to drive it blindfolded in the near future.

Love you,

Davina said...

Aww man I hope she doesn't lose too much of her chubby arms and legs cuz she is adorable!!! Hope to see you guys soon!

Jacqueline Miller said...

Glad to hear she’s still at home and looking well. If it’s any consolation, when they took Max off the lipids, it really helped bring back his appetite. I hope it’s having the same effect on Baby B.

Angela said...

home again home again jiggety jig. Yay for you!
Glad she is making progress. And you seem to be taking it all in stride.
Just to update you on Izzy.
Her bum rash got better on Saturday, then it's back on Sunday. Her surgeon said it will do that for a while till it gets used to everything. Building a calus of sorts.
Also she is doing well with everything still. She cries when she poops, but then goes on with her life. So she's getting past all of it rather well, in my opinion. She's eating just fine, she lets me know when she is hungry!
We are still praying for Bridgette and for you. I think about you everytime we change diapers (at least once an hour).
Take care

Amanda said...

Yeah! I'm glad things are looking up. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

Do you need anything? Please call me if you do.