Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Standing Still

I called Aunt Brenda last night and got an update on the dogs (who I miss SO much), and while talking, our conversation sparked a visual representation of our hospital status. I feel like we've been moving down the cliche-tunnel. And this whole time we've been doing one step forward, 3/4 steps back. And now, when we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, we've just stopped moving. We're staring at the exit making no progress at all.

Yesterday baby's temp was back up, and still no one knows why. Today it is back down, and no one knows why. They won't let us leave until it's stable.

But more importantly, baby has been cleared to drink formula, yet she's simply refusing to take it. The schedule to go home is the following -- 1 oz, 3 hours; 1 oz, 3 hours; 2 oz, 3 hours; 2 oz, 3 hours; 3 oz, 3 hours; 4 oz, 3 hours; 6 oz, 3 hours; 6 oz, 3 hours. Even though Dr. Black said she could start formula yesterday afternoon, 16 hours later and three separate attempts, baby just pushes the bottle away. It's like she's forgotten how to eat.

Jeff's going to bring some frozen breast milk later from the dregs of my pumping stores. We're hoping she takes to it because as things stand now, we're going to be here indefinitely.


Chelsea said...

Not indefinitely, I promise. Kids are funny (and infuriating) about how picky they can be--which is why I can never, ever run out of bananas. Max simply won't eat a damn thing all day until he's had his breakfast banana. Sigh. Babs will eat; I'm certain of it. In the meantime, she looks so cute! I know that helps, uh, not at all, but there you have it.

We love you!!

Anonymous said...

We love you. Please give Bridgette a hug from us.

I miss you guys lots.

Jacqueline Miller said...

How very frustrating for you! I hope she's eating better today. Hoping you get out of there soon!

Anonymous said...

I can almost feel your weariness (sorry - can't think of anything uplifting to say) and just hope things'll turn around soon. Looks like Bridgette was giving a "thumbs up" in one of the recent photos. Maybe we can take that as a good sign!

Love, Lynn