Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Texas - Chapter 2

Thursday p.m. --

There are few things so sweet as hanging out with your best friend. Several months ago Alyse procured tickets to Wicked - the main and original reason I flew down to San Antonio. And what a treat! Not only do I love Alyse, but I LOVED Wicked. It was amazing in its own right and considerably more so because the two main characters are just like me and Alyse. Except, we've never niggled over a boy. We decided we really must get together for a girls' weekend every few years.

Here are three heisted images from the musical:

1st - The somewhat iconic image of the Wicked Witch flying over the folk of Oz. Those of you who have seen the show are probably humming "Defying Gravity" right now, one of the most chilling and beautiful pieces of music ever written.

2nd - Here are Elphaba and Galinda played by Eden Espinosa and Megan Hilty. There are multiple casts for the many venues, and these women were the stars of the production we saw. They were brilliant. This is during the scene and song "Popular."

3rd - Eden and Megan face-off after Elphaba's sister is killed by Dorothy's house.

So, true to form but totally by accident, I dressed in black and Alyse dressed in pink and white. Yeah we're pretty much Elphaba and Galinda. We were trying to immitate the poster pose but could only hold it a few seconds before busting into laughter.

I got back to the hotel pretty late. Baby had a hard time sleeping in a new place and woke up multiple times too. Around 4 a.m. Gramma pulled her into her bed to sleep. They both snoozed together for a few hours... the only real hours that I slept at all. Here they are in the morning once we were all awake.

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