Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Texas - Chapter 3

Friday a.m. to p.m. --

We joined Aunt Julianne and cousins Emma & Evan for lunch and a trek to the Alamo. Poor Emma wasn't feeling well, and it was hot beyond hot, but we all made it and learned something about Texas history too.

We don't look hot do we? My sleep to awake ratio was 1:8 at this point, and between the heat and my personal fatigue, I spent an inordinate amount of touring time sitting on the floor inside the mission shrine -- the only building kept naturally cool -- while the rest of the family looked at cannons and obelisks and barracks. As a plus, Bridgette guzzled several bottles of water which she's never really taken to before.

We spent the afternoon/evening driving to my brother's house near Texas A&M where he is finishing his PhD. No pictures of the drive, but I enjoyed a delightful day on the road with my mother. When we got to our hotel, Papa Hoose was waiting for us. Bridgette took to him pretty fast. I think this is my favorite picture of her from the whole trip.

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